Oh No Part:2

HE’S A GHOST!!!!!!!!! Jacob yelled. Then they both ran out the door terrified. Then the next day at school, Liam announced There’s a ghost at that creepy house down the street! Then everyone laughed at him and said he was crazy Jacob knew the truth he was there it was a ghost but he kept quiet he knew they wouldn’t believe him either. After school Jacob ran to Liam they both said I’m never going back there ever again. That night Jacob wanted to go back there but Liam did not want to go back. Jacob went over to Liam’s house to try to convince him to go back. NO WAY!!!!!!!! Liam yelled ARE YOU CRAZY!!!!!!!!! Then Jacob said c’mon it’ll be fun. Liam said no again then Jacob said are you scared. Liam said what i’m not scared. Then let’s go. Finally Jacob and Liam went back to the house. When they got there they slowly then they ran down the stairs Liam tripped and fell all the way down when Jacob got to the bottom of the stairs Liam wasn’t there. Jacob was terrified he almost was out of the house when he heard a loud screech then he thought about his friend Liam he ran down the stairs listening to the screeching noises then he found a button on the ground. Jacob pressed the button then the ground collapsed and he fell and yelled THERE’S A DEMON!!!!!!!!! Liam was being held captive by a demon. Jacob did not want to go in there with the demon. So Jacob ditched Liam and ran away. Liam thought great i’m gonna die because Jacob the person that wanted to go in here and explore had just ran away. Then Liam ran away when the demon dropped him. He went to school the next day at recess they got into a huge fight Liam yelled “WHY DID YOU RUN AWAY!!!!!” Then Jacob yelled “WHY DIDN’T YOU TRY TO ESCAPE!!!!!!!” Then both of them never talked to each other ever again.

                                                               THE END!!!!!!

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