Machu Picchu


Name: Joey  Bernek


Expedition Name Text Title
Machu  Picchu Lost City


What do you SEE?

(Describe what you see using WOW words)

I saw tons of really high mountains.   Lots of people exploring. I saw a house made out of just stone.  I saw different villages.

What do you THINK?

(As you are experiencing VR tell your audience in detail what you are thinking using sequence words. First, Next, Last)

First I thought it was amazing.  Next I thought what if I lived up there.  Last I thought why people lived on a mountain.

What do you WONDER?

(During your expedition what are you wondering about? What questions come to your mind?)

I wonder how long it took to build the village.  And how many people lived in the villages. And how many people lived in one house.

Adapted from Veronica Vox Mansilla @ProjectZeroHGSE


Text Connections


What did you SEE in the Expedition that you can CONNECT to the text?

(Be sure to cite specific examples from the expedition and the text)

I saw in both the really tall mountains.

How do you THINK the Expedition enhanced your understanding of the text?

(Be sure to use evidence from the text to support your response)

I got to see more pictures and understand it better because I could see what they are talking about.

What do you still WONDER after experiencing the Expedition and reading the text?

(Write a reflection to extend your thinking i.e. What are you still curious about? What more do you want to know?)

I wonder what they would eat like if they  would hunt. And how long would they live for for living on a mountain.


One thought on “Machu Picchu

  1. I am so glad you visited Macchu Picchu in a virtual visit! How cool! I got to go there 10 years ago, and I hiked up the mountain with a group of guides. Do you think you would have liked to have been an Incan who helped build Macchu Picchu?

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