Running on the track

Jumping in the air

Arms out wide

Soaring through the air

“ I didn’t mean to go

Let me go land on the


Winter Is

Winter Is

     By: Joe

            Winter is snow

So lets

Winter is bright white

On a cold winter night

Winter is an elf on the shelf

Sitting by himself



One day Liam woke up and went downstairs he ate some breakfast and then realized, it was thanksgiving he couldn’t wait until thanksgiving dinner. Then finally it was thanksgiving dinner he got his plate, napkin, spoon, and a fork. And sat down but then he thought WHAT WHERE IS THE THANKSGIVING TURKEY. His parents said oh we couldn’t find one so we thought we don’t need a turkey.

Then Liam stomped up the stairs and slammed the door sat on his bed and thought what he could do to get a good turkey. So he comes down runs outside and starts heading to the store. At the store all the turkeys were sold out so he went back into his room and kept thinking.

So Liam thought of a idea he went to find a turkey. He set up a trap and in a couple of minutes he got a turkey.Then he would go to the butcher. So he found a turkey (he didn’t know but the “turkey” was actually a rooster). He brought the rooster to the butcher and said can you slaughter my turkey the butcher said no this is not a turkey this is a rooster.  “Okay” he said[ he goes home goes up to his room.]

Liam has had enough of this no turkey stuff. He found out that everyone was supposed to be there in 2 hours.  He found the hunting gun got his older cousin went into the woods and sat there for 30 minutes and didn’t see a thing. So they moved to a different area they saw a whole group of turkeys. He lines up the shot right on the turkey’s head boom and he missed. It scared all of them away so they go home it is starting to get dark.  

There was an hour and a half what does he do now? He stops looking for turkeys and eats thanksgiving dinner without the turkey.  After all he realized that there was a place right down the road that had a ton of turkeys. So he felt even more annoyed and over all he felt stupid. It didn’t really matter though because his family still had a great thanksgiving EVEN WITHOUT A TURKEY.





We need to honor our veterans on veterans day.  Not many people realize what they do and provide for us when they don’t have to but they are keeping our freedom.  So let’s honor our veterans.They sacrifice a lot.

Sacrifice isn’t just the little things it is also the big things. Them men and women who serve for our country put their lives on the line everyday and they probably wouldn’t appreciate that we don’t recognize what they do everyday for us.  They put their life out there, you don’t know they could have a family at home that they want to go home too soon. They know that they could be killed at that moment and they wake up thinking that.

Thank you to every single veteran either serving or out thank you for helping everybody for letting us have our freedom.  Thank you dad for serving in the army that means a lot to everybody.

On The Banks Of Cherry Ocean PT:2


                    By: Joe

One one winter morning the girls just wanted to go back to the lake.  Their mom said no only because she didn’t want them to get attached because… They will be moving but the girls didn’t know.  So the mom said no but they still wanted to challenge her so they went. The mom didn’t know so she didn’t care but they kept on going so they started to get close to the lake.  The dad didn’t really want to but of course the mom had to convince him to move so now it begins.

So the next morning the mom went into her room and the dad was awake  so she started. “Can we please move i think it will be better for the girls.”  “ What the girls don’t know is that we will be moving right onto the beach in enough time for summer”.  So the dad was in right away but he wanted to tell the girls but the mom added this “ and we will be right next to cherry stream” the dad freaked out.  

Still it was an ongoing battle to tell the girls when and what they are going to do.   So they came to a clean solution they will tell the girls what the are doing at the end of the day.  So the girls where by the stream and the parents were packing up all the clothing and the furniture. So around the clock goes and the girls come in for dinner. When they are sitting Linda asked “ What are we doing this week so the parent were stuck.  So they said umm we were going to tell you this but we are moving, instant panac from the girl.

But don’t worry because it is right on the ocean and the cherry stream is right next to it.  The girls jaws dropped “well I have to pack my stuff “said Linda. “ No you don’t i already did “ said mom.  So the girls wanted to see it. So the next morning they went it was amazing it. But the stream wasn’t right next to it is was like 2 minutes away. The girls were fine with that they were excited for a new house.

So they moved they are all settled in and people are telling them leave it will flood but they didn’t care so they stayed.  They put on the news but they still just stayed even though it said it will be storming. The storm started to come in from the ocean all the sudden the water started to rush the house was up on stilts .  So they didn’t think it would flood the house . But they were wrong the house started to flood so they ran out and got out of the are as soon as they could.

So they wanted to return to see if it could be replaced.  Well it couldn’t so they would have to move once again and it was only like a week at the beach house.  So they wanted to move to a different state. So they were thinking about moving to Alabama. They wanted to move there because they have family in Alabama.  So that would be the smartest move because they have lived in New Jersey for the girls whole life so it will show the girls different places of the world.

So they go to Alabama and stay with their family until they can find a house.  The girls were very upset about the move because they miss cherry ocean. But they know it will be better because they will be able to stay with family and maybe linda and Isabel will be able to convince their parents with a trip to cherry ocean.

Cherry ocean was very special to them so it was hard to just leave it suddenly.

The girls did not like that but they never saw their family. So it was better than just a stream and an ocean that is not related to them.  So they had to except it how it was and there might be something better ahead of them. So they didn’t want to think about it because it would ruin their time with the family.  


1 Year Later

This was the time the girls wanted to go back to cherry ocean.  So it took a lot of convincing, and by a lot they mean a lot it took them days to convince their parents.  But they did not give up and they accomplished it so it was worth it,THEY ARE GOING BACK TO CHERRY OCEAN!!( Just to visit sadly)said Isabel.  Someday they would want to move back. So here goes there trip they wanted to fly so they do and did it on a private Jet. So they arrive to their old house. They did get sad right away.  But they had to enjoy the time they had back there. They did the same things like where they slept. So it was like the old days And it felt normal like they were at home , But they technically weren’t.  So that’s what Isabel Kept thinking about and that didn’t make it good. So the next morning they went to cherry ocean stream and that made them feel better to be there because thats are they always were. So they were happy for the most part they just wanted to convince their parents to move back.  That’s why they did not want to move. They sort thought that it was there moms fault because she wanted to move and they didn’t. Then when they did move the house flooded and they had to move out of the state.


The parents said no but this was the end for so they headed back to Alabama.  And they will make a return next month.

Oh No!!!!!! Halloween Edition

One day Jacob went trick or treating on Halloween night when this guy started to follow him. Then Jacob said Who are you and What’s your name. The person underneath the costume kept quiet Jacob said it again he still remained silent. Then Jacob ran as fast as he could still the person under the costume ran after him. Then the person under the cloak said I know who you are but you don’t know who I am. Jacob thought who could it be then he remembered I know who you are your Liam then the person under the costume said no I’m not Liam but I know who Liam is. Jacob gasped your the bully, then the person under the cloak revealed himself it was the bully. Jacob screamed and then ran to his house. Then Jacob heard a knocking on the door he thought it was the bully so he yelled go away from me. But then the door opened it was Liam Jacob said why are you here I thought we weren’t friends anymore there was a long pause then Liam said I need your help come then Liam walked out the door. Jacob was confused but then he followed Liam but when Jacob saw that Liam walked into that creepy house he hesitated but then walked in still following Liam Jacob saw a sword in the stone I already tried you try then Jacob tried and he pulled it out of the stone. And he did he pulled it right out of the stone then Liam said c’mon it’s time to fight the demon. Jacob hesitated but then went to fight the demon when they got to the basement the demon wasn’t their. They didn’t know but the demon was creeping up behind them , then the demon shot out a hand and grabbed Jacob and threw him across the room and the Liam took the sword that Jacob dropped and sliced the demons arm off , the demon screeched and picked up Liam and threw him. But Jacob had the sword again and ran toward the demon and sliced him in half. And then he dropped the sword and ran to Liam to see if he was ok , Liam said he was ok so they ran back to their houses and promised never to go back to that house again.


THE END!!!!!!!

Oh No Part:2

HE’S A GHOST!!!!!!!!! Jacob yelled. Then they both ran out the door terrified. Then the next day at school, Liam announced There’s a ghost at that creepy house down the street! Then everyone laughed at him and said he was crazy Jacob knew the truth he was there it was a ghost but he kept quiet he knew they wouldn’t believe him either. After school Jacob ran to Liam they both said I’m never going back there ever again. That night Jacob wanted to go back there but Liam did not want to go back. Jacob went over to Liam’s house to try to convince him to go back. NO WAY!!!!!!!! Liam yelled ARE YOU CRAZY!!!!!!!!! Then Jacob said c’mon it’ll be fun. Liam said no again then Jacob said are you scared. Liam said what i’m not scared. Then let’s go. Finally Jacob and Liam went back to the house. When they got there they slowly then they ran down the stairs Liam tripped and fell all the way down when Jacob got to the bottom of the stairs Liam wasn’t there. Jacob was terrified he almost was out of the house when he heard a loud screech then he thought about his friend Liam he ran down the stairs listening to the screeching noises then he found a button on the ground. Jacob pressed the button then the ground collapsed and he fell and yelled THERE’S A DEMON!!!!!!!!! Liam was being held captive by a demon. Jacob did not want to go in there with the demon. So Jacob ditched Liam and ran away. Liam thought great i’m gonna die because Jacob the person that wanted to go in here and explore had just ran away. Then Liam ran away when the demon dropped him. He went to school the next day at recess they got into a huge fight Liam yelled “WHY DID YOU RUN AWAY!!!!!” Then Jacob yelled “WHY DIDN’T YOU TRY TO ESCAPE!!!!!!!” Then both of them never talked to each other ever again.

                                                               THE END!!!!!!

OH NO!!!

There once was a boy his name was Jacob he always loved going on adventures but the adventure he’s going to witness he’s not ready for. One day when jacob was coming home from school he saw a weird house.He asked his friends if they wanted to explore the house  NO WAY!!! they yelled but jacob still really wanted to explore it. The next day at school there was a new student his name was liam, jacob knew just what to do at recess he went to Liam and asked him if he wanted to explore the house Liam said not really in a shy voice but then Jacob said c’mon it’ll be really fun and besides don’t be scared we’ll be their together. Then Liam agreed that after school they would check it out. After school Liam and Jacob got bullied by a much bigger kid he knocked them out. When Liam got up the bully wasn’t there but Jacob wasn’t there either Liam thought to himself did the bully take Jacob or did Jacob go into the house alone. Liam thought that the bully took Jacob. So he looked everywhere but he couldn’t be found and it was getting dark so he slowly walked home. That night he couldn’t fall asleep because he knew his friend was out there somewhere. The next day at school Jacob wasn’t their. So after school he decided to check in the weird house. He slowly walked to the front door and opened it and there was a living room but Liam knew there was something weird about it. Then he saw it there standing 2 feet away from him was the bully with Jacob in his hands JACOB!!!!!!!!!!! Liam yelled as the bully jumped down the fireplace How weird Liam thought but he didn’t care he rescued Jacob but the bully got away. Jacob asked how did he get away then liam said he went down to the basement by jumping down the fireplace Jacob walked to the fireplace how did he get down there’s brick right there I don’t know liam said  maybe you were just seeing things he probably went to the basement by running down some steps.Then they found the staircase they slowly walked down it was a long staircase then they saw the bully at the back wall of the basement. The basement was dark and creepy then the bully was done running. GO AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!! He yelled than he fell over and stood up with completely white eyes then he faded and slowly became invisible. Then Jacob yelled HE’S A GHOST!!!!!!!!


What Peace Is

What Peace Is

By: Joe

In my opinion peace is no war everyone is nice to each other.  It is equality from your gender to your color. If everything isn’t peaceful nobody will feel comfortable walking around or going to school like Malala .  And peace isn’t just physical it’s mental. If a war just ended to be peaceful, push it aside and regather yourself.


Peace is important to us because if there is no peace we will have a war and nobody would want to stick together.  If we had no peace we would walk around scared or not even walk around. That is why we all have to stick together.


If we didn’t have peace the world would look different because everyone would want to be far from each other.  There also might not be the same places because if there is war some places might be blown up or buildings could be demolished.    

Canute's Absence Denis Moynihan via Compfight

My summer

It’s been a long time since have blogged so there is a lot to catch up on.  So I hope you are ready for this.


So to start of after fourth grade I didn’t get anytime to blog.  And then in a second it felt like Fifth grade year was over. So I would like to blog more now.  So to start of 5th grade was a good year it went by quick and I got a lot done except blogging. So I was a little sad but I knew I would get an opportunity later to blog.  Then summer came …


Summer finally comes around and all I really did was hang out with a couple friends, I went to new Jersey 3 times and  just spent time with family. That was basically my summer now im in school I really think I will have a good year.