OH NO!!!

There once was a boy his name was Jacob he always loved going on adventures but the adventure he’s going to witness he’s not ready for. One day when jacob was coming home from school he saw a weird house.He asked his friends if they wanted to explore the house  NO WAY!!! they yelled but jacob still really wanted to explore it. The next day at school there was a new student his name was liam, jacob knew just what to do at recess he went to Liam and asked him if he wanted to explore the house Liam said not really in a shy voice but then Jacob said c’mon it’ll be really fun and besides don’t be scared we’ll be their together. Then Liam agreed that after school they would check it out. After school Liam and Jacob got bullied by a much bigger kid he knocked them out. When Liam got up the bully wasn’t there but Jacob wasn’t there either Liam thought to himself did the bully take Jacob or did Jacob go into the house alone. Liam thought that the bully took Jacob. So he looked everywhere but he couldn’t be found and it was getting dark so he slowly walked home. That night he couldn’t fall asleep because he knew his friend was out there somewhere. The next day at school Jacob wasn’t their. So after school he decided to check in the weird house. He slowly walked to the front door and opened it and there was a living room but Liam knew there was something weird about it. Then he saw it there standing 2 feet away from him was the bully with Jacob in his hands JACOB!!!!!!!!!!! Liam yelled as the bully jumped down the fireplace How weird Liam thought but he didn’t care he rescued Jacob but the bully got away. Jacob asked how did he get away then liam said he went down to the basement by jumping down the fireplace Jacob walked to the fireplace how did he get down there’s brick right there I don’t know liam said  maybe you were just seeing things he probably went to the basement by running down some steps.Then they found the staircase they slowly walked down it was a long staircase then they saw the bully at the back wall of the basement. The basement was dark and creepy then the bully was done running. GO AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!! He yelled than he fell over and stood up with completely white eyes then he faded and slowly became invisible. Then Jacob yelled HE’S A GHOST!!!!!!!!


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