The Penguin That Flies

The Penguin That Flies

By : Joey and Ashlyn


One day there was a penguin called Icy. One day Icy came across a unicorn. “Hi Uni.” Icy said. The unicorn shined its horn on Icy. Then she thought oh well that does not do anything. The nex tday  Icy had very small  wings. Then a cat walked along, meowing.


The cat started talking and the cat said “You have wings.” Icy was really surprised. Then Icy tries to walk over and starts Flying. Then Icy started asking for help Uni couldn’t help because she didn’t have full wings. Then It becomes night and Icy is still there. Icy says, “I need help.”  And everybody is there.  



Then uni and Cat come along. “CAAAAAAAT! UUUUNIIIIIII!” Icy screams. Then Icy starts thinking maybe Uni actually tried to make Icy fly. That’s just the thought….. But then Icy gets so scared and nobody knew that Icy was there.

The next day Icy is flying  then uni comes and starts flying to Icy and gets him  from the sky and brings him down  Uni saves the day.

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