What I Do In School

  What I do In School


My school’s schedule is… First we go to our homeroom and choose our lunch  and get ready for the day. Type on Qwerty Town. It is a typing website. Then we go out to the hallway and switch to our reading  classes. When we are in the class for a half an hour  we do kidbiz. (Which is a website where we read article and answer a question about it.)  After that we do  rotations in the rotation we do computer activities such as blogging. We also do classwork.


When we finish all of that then we fill in our agendas  then we line up in the hallway.  When we go in our homeroom sometimes we plug our computer in for some specials then we go to specials.  Specials are music , library, stem  and gym we go  to all of those but on different days.  After we go to content we do a lot of different things in content  we do it for 25 minutes.  Later we go to recess then lunch.


Later we go to math we do rotations sometimes in the rotations we  do extra math  and we do different math papers. When we do two and a half we go to recess again come back in and finish math. Then the kids that switch for math come back.  Then we pack up for the day and leave.  The day starts at    9:00 and ends at   3:30.


Link: https://portal.achieve3000.com/index?isAjax=&s=140

Scottish Survey of Literacy and Numeracy 2016 Scottish Government via Compfight

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