GS March Madness

From March 26th to March 30th, Garden Spot High School students had the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities and events offered during flex periods of this week known as March Madness.  Conceived 4 years ago as a way to promote positive attitudes, school culture, and climate, this yearly event is sponsored by the Student Advisory Board.  Student Advisory is a group of students advised by high school teachers Michelle Custer and Jennifer Cline who work together with the administrative team to devise ways to promote cooperation, positive interactions, and a welcoming environment at Garden Spot High School for students and faculty alike.  The Student Advisory Board is composed of 7 students of various grade levels:  Kobi Martin, Emily Strothers, Ryan Overly, Corey Twaddell, Amanda Maldonado, Suzy Dariychuk, and Allison Smith.  The students and advisors worked hard to plan and carry out all the activities and events for March Madness Week 2012.

This year’s activities and events included a basketball tournament, a floor hockey tournament, ping-pong doubles and singles tournaments, a Just Dance competition, an arm wrestling competition, and a Talent Show.  In addition, the Student Advisory Board also hosted their inaugural “Coffeehouse Friday” to cap off the week.  New Holland Coffee Company provided various hot and cold beverages for students to purchase prior to their first block classes, and Garden Spot students Gabe Stoltzfus, Gloria Grigorutsa, and Tatum Murray entertained students with vocals and guitar.  Based on the success of this event, the Student Advisory Board is currently planning several more of these events for the remainder of the school year.

At the end of the week, all Garden Spot students gathered together in the New
Gym to watch the Talent Show finals and cheer on the final teams in the basketball tournament.  Winners of the other tournaments and competitions were also honored for their performances throughout the week.  It was a great way to end another successful March Madness week!

March Madness Winners 2012

Ping Pong Singles: Caleb Williams
Ping Pong Doubles: Jeremy Dautrich & Anthony Perrachio
Just Dance:  Leah Strother
Arm Wrestling:  Alex Wilson
Floor Hockey:  The 10th Grade Team (Tolea Grigorutsa, Justin Stoltzfus, Nils Villman, Peter Fortuna, Aaron Strubel, Micah Hostetter, Ethan Spadino, Mark Neff)
Basketball:  The Brecknock Ballers – 9th Grade Team
Talent Show:  Gabe Stoltzfus, Tatum Murray, Gloria Grigorutsa