Internship Turns Into Real-World Opportunity

As part of senior option, the GSHS Internship Program facilitates interns to work with professionals in the school and the community to develop professional skills.  Cordell Martin, a physical education teacher at Garden Spot Middle School has been mentoring senior Meagan Fetter during the fall semester.

“For a multitude of reasons, I have begun posting most all of my class content online via my school webpage for both 7th & 8th grade Health and PE.  We are almost done with the 7th grade health portion of this project; none of this would have been possible without the work of Meagan Fetter.  Meagan has been accepted into the Lancaster General School of Nursing Program for next year and is completing this project as part of her senior internship.  Meg was given a list of course requirements, then proceeded to spend many hours searching online for video, article or website links, taking relevant content and assembling it into a Prezi (Prezi is a presentation tool similar to PowerPoint).  Throughout this project, Meg has demonstrated a strong work ethic and consistent initiation as she searched and organized the large amounts of information necessary for the project.  No doubt, Meagan is someone that the GS community can be proud of.”

For more information on the GSHS Internship Program, please contact Program Coordinator Jennifer Cline at