Job Shadow Helps Students Discover Future Career Options

Freddy Raupp, a current Business & You student, shadowed Captain Cuthie of the United States Reserves, as part of the job shadow requirement for Business & You. On this day in November, Captain Cutie and the men in his unit were running a weapons certification course. Freddy was afforded the opportunity to watch the test and observe the range course.  Next, he and Cuthie went to the armory where Freddy got to see a number of weapons (50 cal machine gun, M4, M240 Bravo). He even got to watch the men pick up their Stryker’s for their upcoming deployment and take a tour.

“I was amazed by how much technology was crammed into the vehicle,” stated Freddy.  Towards the end of his job shadow he was able to see the Shadows. The Shadow is a 17 foot wingspan unmanned plane.

“This experience allowed me to see what military training may be like.  I had a really amazing time and I am now even more seriously thinking about the military.”

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