GS Alumnus Designed Medical Device

Hannah Ertzgard, a 2008 graduate of Garden Spot High School, flew to Kenya with her fellow Penn State Bioengineers implement a medial device.

As part of the Penn State Bioengineering curriculum, students in their junior year are responsible for designing a low-cost medical device to be implemented in Kenya. Hannah’s team were tasked with creating an ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) Scope to take images of those respective areas in order to diagnose and educate patients. Their trip to Kenya was sponsored by Mashavu, an affiliate of the HESE (Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship) program, which is housed in the College of Engineering.

The mission of Mashavu is to provide a sustainable means of accessible and affordable healthcare to the developing world. Along with fellow Bioengineers and Mashavu participants, Hannah worked at one kiosk. There are currently two operational kiosks across Kenya, and the program is looking for that number to grow. While the Department of Bioengineering has contributed and will continue to contribute to Mashavu, it is the result of collaboration among many disciplines and departments. Hannah felt a sense of honor to be apart of the Mashavu team, “the trip was life-changing and has instilled a deep sense of gratitude for the many luxuries I have been afforded.”








Hannah with the Penn State Engineering students & people who came to the kiosks.


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