GS Students Put Musical Talents To Work in an Enterprising Way

Two GS students have put their creative musical talents to work in an enterprising way.

Tatum Murray (Class of 2012) and Trevor Murray (Class of 2013) have just released their first solo albums, comprised only of original songs.  Tatum Murray’s album, Take Me or Leave Me, and Trevor Keat’s album, Sound and Subtle, include songs that each artist wrote, recorded, and produced for public release.  The albums are currently available on CD, iTunes, and other online stores.  (Trevor uses his first and middle names—Trevor Keat—to distinguish himself from another musician named Trevor Murray.)

The process of producing their solo albums began well over a year ago as each artist was busy writing songs to complement cover songs in their local solo performances.   In November 2011, the brother and sister began to record their music in the studio of a Berks County sound engineer.   No outside musicians were used on the recordings; all instruments—guitars, bass, piano, harmonica, mandolin, drums, and percussion—were played by Tatum and Trevor.  On a few of her songs, Tatum enlisted Trevor’s talents on electric guitar, bass, and drums.  By May 2012, the tracks were mixed and prepared for release in their present forms.   Tatum and Trevor created their CD jackets with the help of Mr. Mike Stitzer, a GS high school tech and graphics teacher.

Tatum and Trevor perform as solo acts and occasionally as a duo.   Over the past two years, they have shared their music in coffee shops, clubs, pubs, benefit shows, street fairs, “Friday” events, and other forums in Lancaster and contiguous counties.   Recently, they performed as a duo at GS’s Relay for Life on May 31, and their next duo performance will be at the Terre Hill Days Craft Show on July 21.

Additionally, each has composed music for a film.   Tatum’s song “Frozen” was written for Frozen Lies, by Philadelphia filmmaker Robert V. Sesay.   Trevor composed a guitar score for Rick Hansberry’s latest short film, Smile, which has been screened in Penn Cinema film festivals.   Lastly, one of Tatum’s songs, “Deserve,” has been adopted by Aevidum, a student group initiated at Cocalio High School to educate people about teenage suicide and depression issues.




Tatum Murray’s music is available for preview and purchase on iTunes









Trevor Keat’s music is available for preview and purchase on iTunes






Each artist has a musician Facebook page for more information about their work and local performances.   CDs can also be ordered by messaging them there.

Tatum Murray’s Facebook Page

Trevor Keat’s Facebook Page

At GS, Tatum and Trevor have taken opportunities to develop and refine their talents in GS music programs under the direction and support of Mrs. Deb Olson, Mr. Richard Fitz, and Mrs. Ena Banks.   They are grateful for the guidance and opportunities afforded them at GS, and they strongly encourage other students to pursue their musical interests.

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