Empty Bowls Fundraising Project

GSHS Clay Studio students for the  2012 second semester have made ceramic soup bowls to donate the local Empty Bowls fundraising project, to be held at Kevin Lehman Pottery studio on Sunday, April 22.  Kevin is a graduate of GSHS and is involved in numerous projects benefiting the Lancaster community. Attendees of the Empty Bowls dinner will receive a handmade ceramic bowl and dinner donated by local eateries. This Empty Bowls fundraiser benefits the Community Action Program of Lancaster.  To learn more about the Community Action Program, visit their website.

2 thoughts on “Empty Bowls Fundraising Project

  1. The bowls were a great addition to the sale of the greenhouse plants! What a great idea to fund raise for a cause such as the empty bowl project.
    I bought one bowl already and I plan to stop over to the greenhouse again and check out the others. They are really nice!

    Congratulations to a great group of students contributing to a worthy cause!

    • Thanks, Mrs. Myers. As a clarification, this Empty Bowls project involved the donation of student-made soup bowls to benefit the Community Action Program of Lancaster. May 4 and 5, Clay Studio classes sold flower pots and vases in collaboration with the GS Greenhouse fundraiser. Students learned how to make pots that would have the appropriate size, depth and drainage holes for certain types of plants. They also investigated ways to market pottery, and studied business models and pricing. Thanks to Mrs. Marchini and the Horticulture students for working with us. It was a lot of fun!

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