GS Students Selected for Lancaster County Young Artist Exhibit

Competition is the key to this year’s Lancaster County Young Artists Exhibit!

Garden Spot students selected by their teachers, Sandy Cooper, Toni Myers and Todd Reitnouer, to enter the competition are:  Angel Adams, Kianna Anderson, Alex Diem, Hannah Faber, Jenna Fisher, Katie Fitz, Emily Glick, Anna Keens, Kristine Koch, Lauren Martin, Koua Moua, Shannon O’Malley, Carlos J. Rivera, Caitlin Rizzo, Renee Roggie, Micoleen Schonour, Andrew Schrantz, Erin Shirk, Shawna Stauffer, Abbi Stoltzfus, Nancy Wanner, and Austin Wise.

However, just being selected by their high school teachers does not guarantee a student will be selected to exhibit in the upcoming show.  The entries will be reviewed by a selected panel.  The individuals on the panel will accept student work for the show based on  quality, skill, creativity and other designated  standards.  There are thousands of entries.

This year marks the 49th year for the show.  The show is open to Lancaster County students from all districts and offers a great opportunity for young artists to enter a juried show and display their work.

The show will be on display in two locations, Mulberry Art Studios and the Ware Center of Millersville University at 42 N. Prince Street, Lancaster.

The Ware Center will see its first full year of scheduled events.  The Ware Center plans to be a community arts center and there are many scheduled art events for this year, some of which include dance programs, concerts, films and opera!

This year’s show will open on First Friday, March 2 and end on Sunday, April 1, 2012.

Congratulations to our selected Garden Spot students to compete in such a great show!

The drawing at the top of the article is by Abbi Stoltzfus

Trevor Murray







Alex Diem

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