Global Goal #8 Decent Work and Economic Growth!

In my class each week we focus on a different global goal. There are 17 global goals and they are to be accomplished by 2030. This week we could pick which goal to write about. I picked global goal #8 Decent Work and Economic Growth. I chose this goal because I want to know more about what it means. Leave a comment if you have visited the global goals website yet.

On the global goals website there is a cartoon giving information. Here is the link! It’s a to-do list for the global goal. It says that decent work means that we can be sure that everyone can freely choose their own safe, fairly paid, fulfilling job. It means that they can be sure that businesses us natural resources properly and that nobody is left out from job opportunities! Those are just a few.

There are eight targets for this global goal. My favorite target is PROMOTE YOUTH EMPLOYMENT, EDUCATION, AND TRAINING. It means they want to reduce the number of youth not in employment, education, and training. I like this target because its the most important out of all the targets.

Go to the global goals website and learn more about how you can help support this global goal and learn about other global goals. Here is the website for the global goals.  Also I get almost all my pictures from pixabay. It is a free easy to use free picture website. 

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