Global Goal #4 Quality Education!

Every week my class focuses on a different global goal. This week we are aloud to pick a topic we haven’t already discussed. I picked global goal #4 quality education. If you do not know what the global goals are they are issues all around the world that people are trying to fix by 2030.

People all around the world can’t get an education which makes it harder to find jobs to support their family. The global goals website has eight targets for this global goal. One of them is having a free primary and secondary education. I think that this target is important to me because some people might not have the money to pay to go to school or they may not be able to pay for school supplies.

If we achieve this goal I bet that the number of people in poverty will go down. With education they will be able to get jobs and get money to buy this to get back up on their feet. Achieving this goal would help the world a lot!

What you can do to achieve this goal is donate used books and find foundations that support goal #4 and donate to them. You can also teach someone younger than you who needs an education.

I hope that you will help support the global goals. Here is the link to there website where you can learn more about other goals and how you can support this goal. Global goals website


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