3 thoughts on “Why Nutrition Matters!!!!!!

  1. This is such a good Piktochart Leila. I know you and Kayla and Izzy made it and it’s really good. I love all the bright colors and the food you have. (Now I really want pizza) Thanks for commenting on my blog and I hope you visit again: http://blog.elanco.org/groff67c/. BYE! 🙂

  2. Hi Leila, it’s Katie. I think you guys did a great job writing this. I love how you included the information on the exchange student. I wish you would’ve said how it affects and improves our health. I wonder exercise improves and changes our health? Make sure to check out my blog at http://blog.elanco.org/mullins203/

  3. Hi Leila! As you can probably tell, it’s Summer. I love how you included the description of how school lunch is just grease on a plate. I wish you would have said examples of nutritious food that Americans should be eating. How long did it take you guys to make this?
    See you later,
    P.S. It would be nice of you to please check out my thoughts (it’s worth it)… blog.elanco.org/stern338/

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