August 18

Welcome 2019-2020 “Top Dawgs” of New Holland Elementary

Hoss up close

Greetings from my “Grandpup” Hoss.  Hoss is a 6 year old Bull Terrier/Pitbull Mix.  He has an amazing personality, and he makes me laugh.  This is the TRUTH!!!! Hoss is so well-behaved, and never gets into any trouble….such an angel 🙂 This is a LIE!!!!

For your first post, write 2 Truths, and a Lie about yourself. Remember to write in complete sentences, and edit for spelling and proper punctuation.

Let’s see if your new friends can figure them out.

Posted August 18, 2015 by Mrs. Twaddell in category Language Arts

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I am a fifth grade teacher at New Holland Elementary School in ELANCO School District.

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