My New Years Eve Traditions


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For New Years Eve we always have friends over our house. We stay up past midnight and watch the ball drop. Me and my friends always have a lot of fun playing games and staying up really late. Our friends eat dinner ate our house and we have a lot of food. Once the ball drops we have mini sound makers and do those and things that you pull and sring stuff and confetti comes out. It is AWESOME! So that is what I do for new years eve.

music lab


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My Cat Mia


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Hello, my name is Sophia and today I will be telling you about my cat Mia. Mia is a ragdoll cat witch is a mix of a angora and siamese. She is a big and very very fluffy cat that sheds fur a lot. Also, she is a very nice cat with a great personality. She always folows us around and never wants to be alone. She is also a very lazy cat that sleeps a lot. So, now you know a lot about this wonderful breed of cat.



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Henry Huggins


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Henry lives on Klickitat Street and nothing exciting ever happend to him. Then, on day he got ice cream and there was a very skinny dog that came to him. So, he followed Henry home. He named it ribsy because it was skinny. Also later on, he got fish (guppies) and soon had thousands so he had to get rid of them. Next, henry found out about a dog contest and entered Ribsy. Then, to make the dog look good, he got powder but, it was pink! So, it tuned the dog pink! After that, he and someone else were still there and they both won!! After the contest, a boy came to him and Ribsy. He said that Ribsy was his dog that ran away but Henry couldn’t give ribsy away! Now, I am not telling you the rest but if you want to know you have to read the book.


In this paragraph I will tell you if I liked it or not. I kind-of liked it because some parts are funny. Also, there was a lot of adventure in it andI liked that. Then, I like Henry as a character becauseb he is nice, funny, and kind to Ribsy. So, that is why I liked the book and would recomend to read it.

ted talk


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The Unicorn and the Aligator


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Once upon a time in a land so small lived a unicorn. One day she took a walk and ran into a tree. “owwwwwwwww!” she said. Soon an aligator came to help the unicorn. The unicorn was so scared she ran away without saying goodbye. The aligator ran after her. Soon she stopped to take a breth and the aligator said “can I help you?” The unicorn said “pleeeease don’t eat me giant aligator!” “ok.” the aligator said. Later that day she ate dinner and took another walk hoping to see the aligator. Soon she ran into another tree and saw him. “oh hi!” the unicorn said. “hi!” “stop running into trees!” the aligator. “sorry” said the unicorn. Then they became friedies for life!!!!!!!

The End BY: Sophia & Alyssa

Winter in PA


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Hi my name is Sophia and my favorite winter activity is sleding in the snow. I like playing with my brother and building fourts. When there is lots of snow my whole family usaly builds a snowman. We then come in and get warmed up by the fireplace and drink hot chocolate. I am going to tell you about all the activities that I like doing in the snow.

First, I think sleding is so fun because if me and my brother get to go to Brubaker park we sled down enormase hills and it is awesome! Also, at home we make fourts and store snowballs in them for snowball fights. Last year me and my family built a dabing snowman ( it was amesome). Last, I love coming in and drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows (it is the best.)

As you can see, This is all reasons why playing in the snow is soooo fun. I like a lot of activites in the snow. This was what I like to do in the snow with my brother. I hope you now know what I like doing in the snow on super fun snow days. Hope you have fun in the snow too! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!







Make Each Day Your Masterpiece- John Wooden


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This quote is important becase it is telling you that you should try hard every day. Mr.Straub might have chosen it because He wants everyone to try there best every day. It is important for you to pay attention and not get off task. I will try to use the quote every day and keep trying my best. I think the quote means to try your best every day and work really hard.

My Weekend


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Hi my name is Sophia and this is what I am going to do over the weekend. In seven days I will open my presents. We open present early because we travel. We might  be selling our piano. Then we are going to my grandmas house and opening more presents! We are having some cousins over and eating dinner. I can’t wait! I will wrap presents for my mom, dad, and brother. We don’t know what to get my cat.

I had a Christmas list and I wonder what I will get. I am getting my brother an orbi ball, my mom handsanitizer, and me and my brother are getting my dad a thing for lableing. I hope that they like them! We will be playing with ALL the toys we get. I am going to try to find a toy for my cat and wrap it (she probably can’t open the present). We wil be playing with the toys we get until we go back to school.

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