Horseback Riding

On thursday Savanna went horseback riding and she rode liberty she is a really nice horse and she wanted to ride every lesson when she went. She got her groom box and then she started to use a cree com and then she used a hard brush next she picked the horses hoofs. Next she […]

Life on land

How do animals become endangered and what can we do to help the animals from becoming endangered? The first article Animals Endangerment and its Causes state how animals become endangered. The second article Life On Land state how we can help the animals from becoming endangered.   The first article states, we introduce new animals […]

How The Animals Kingdom Came To Be.

Long, long ago about a billion years ago, there were 4 leaders and each leader ruled a part of where animals lived. Hope, the female dolphin, rules over all the sea creatures in the sea.Sugar,the female horse, rules over all the Mammals and Reptiles that live on land. Moana, the female eagle, rules over all […]

Lona The Dragon.

Once upon a time there was a dragon named Lona. Her mom was names lara. Her mom went to get food for Lona, because Lona was only 11 years old, and that is young for a dragon. When it turned dark Lona got scared because her Mom did not come back! So Lona called for […]

My HorseBack Riding Adventure

Horseback Riding Adventure!! I love to horseback ride. In fact my parents also rode too when they were younger too and they started back up again. I take lessons every Thursday and it is a lot of fun. Adventure on the 20th of September!! I did something really fun when I went horseback riding. When […]


Gandhi By Sarah    Gandhi lived a nonviolent life and  never gave up through the rough times.   Gandhi’s protest were non violent and done against the British and their unfair waus. Gandhi did all of his protest because of unfair laws that the British put into place. All of his protest including the Salt […]

All about me.

My name is Sarah.I am in 6th grade and I am 11 years old. My favorite subject is science because I love the planets and the solar system. I also love to draw. I am really good at it to or at least that is what I think. I also love to read, right now […]

My weekend on 5/6/17 and on 5/7/17

                                  MY FUN WEEKEND   This weekend I am going to do a lot of things. I just can not wait till the weekend. This weekend will be the best weekend. MY DAY WITH SHERRY ON MAY 6 2017.   Today […]