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#STUBC Week 3 Picture Sentence





#STUBC Week 3 Picture Poem

Valentine’s Day cupcakes ndh via Compfight

I love to bake cupcakes

I like them better than pancakes

They taste so sweet

The complete opposite of feet

But too many can give you some bellyaches 

By Summer and Kate

Do you want to share your cupcake poem?  Feel free to in the comments box!  Lets see how many we can get!




Mae+Summer Express At Blue Ball Elementary News Article

                                                 Mae+Summer Express At Blue Ball Elementary

We’ll be talking about an event at Blue Ball Elementary school called Walk Run Jog (WRJ).  It is a field where we walk, run, jog, skip, etc, on a field at the school playground.  Read on to find out more!

We go around the field to earn tickets.  The tickets look like this:                   win_20161028_095130-2


We have to go around the cones on the field.  There is always a lady standing at the end of the lap with a bag full of tickets.  She is very nice.  Every morning we can get our tickets signed by the teacher.  We have charts.  You give your teacher a ticket and your chart and she\he will sign one spot and take the ticket.

Each grade has a WRJ prize day.  You can go to the prize day if you have twelve or more tickets signed onto your chart.  Prize day is usually held in the gym.  There are tons of pens, pencils,  sticky eyeballs, small stuffed animals,  bouncy balls, and other small items.  If you just bring in tickets, then you can’t get prizes.  They have to be signed onto your paper so that everyone knows that you didn’t just steal them.

Now it’s time to talk about our field.  The field that we exercise around has shrunk this year.  It has shrunk because workers used some of it to create more parking-lot for the teachers and helpers.  If you complete 4 laps around the field, you would have exercised for about a mile.  The school has someone to come and cut the grass every now and then.  When he/she is done cutting the grass, there are usually big grass clumps on the ground, so it wouldn’t be the time to play on it.

We can do WRJ at 3 times during the school day.  We can do WRJ in the morning (if it’s not rainy and wet) after we visit our classrooms and put our stuff down.  We can also do WRJ during our lunch recess.  Lunch recess is 10 minutes long, so you could probably fit one or two laps in before we line up to go in for lunch.  Lastly, we can do WRJ at our bigger recess that we call Break.  Break is 20 minutes long, which means that if you stay focused, you could probably do around 4-6 laps before we go back inside.

That about ends our talk about Walk Run Jog.  I hoped that you learned something!

By Mae and Summer   


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The Lacking Lake

Once upon a time lived a lake in Colorado.  This lake was absolutely gorgeous.  Millions of tourists visit it every week.  They call this lake Lake Irene.  But there is one thing that upsets the tourists about this masterpiece of nature- it had no fish.  Nope.  No fish at all.  Not one single little guppy.

Want to add to this story?  Feel free to in the comment box!  But make sure you have correct punctuation and spelling.  Let’s see how many different endings to the story we can get!

Have a wonderful day!  ?


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