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#STUBC Week 3 Picture Poem

on October 28, 2016

Valentine’s Day cupcakes ndh via Compfight

I love to bake cupcakes

I like them better than pancakes

They taste so sweet

The complete opposite of feet

But too many can give you some bellyaches 

By Summer and Kate

Do you want to share your cupcake poem?  Feel free to in the comments box!  Lets see how many we can get!



2 Responses to “#STUBC Week 3 Picture Poem”

  1. Mae says:

    My cinquain:
    yummy, tasty
    the icing’s the worst part
    a sweet treat that’s worth lots of slurps
    Gulp, burp

    • stern338 says:

      Hi Mae! I like your cinquain, but there aren’t any capitals in one, and why didn’t you write that in my Summer’s Cinquains comment box?

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