Mrs. Chernigo Language Arts

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  • Will my child have homework? If so, how much? Yes, there will be daily language arts homework from Monday through Thursday. The homework will be handed out on Monday and the student may work at whatever pace he/ she would like so long as the nightly amount is completed. This generally includes: 15 minutes of reading (for a total of 60 throughout the week), 3 – 5 grammar/ language questions, and 1 spelling activity of the student’s choice. If a child wants to do all 60 minutes of reading in one night, that is fine. They are then no longer required to do reading for the rest of the week. Please note, though, that the minutes only count if you’ve initialed the paper indicating the child read.
  • What is the consequence for not having homework completed? We’ve all been there… busy night, you forget, you left it at school. Life happens. However, homework is as much about teaching the students responsibility as it is reviewing skills. Since life is a series of choices and consequences, this will be no different. If your student does not have his/her homework completed at the beginning of class, he/she will come in for recess only long enough to complete the portion that wasn’t done. Please note that I do not accept the excuse of “My mom/dad forgot to …” Families, it’s not your responsibility to remember to sign papers; you’ve got a lot on your plate. While I do appreciate your assistance with helping remind your child of his/her assignments, your student needs to become accountable for their work. If your child has more than 3 missed assignments for the quarter, there will be a phone call home to discuss how we can best work together to help build the student’s responsibility.
  • Do you do Book-It? Oh yes! What a neat program Book-It is. If you are unfamiliar with it, if your student completes the required classroom goal for the month, he/she will get a coupon for a free pizza from Pizza Hut. The reading is accompanied by a paper that will need to be completed and some type of comprehension piece (which is 1 page on the back of the reading calendar. Now for the super cool part! If your child completes the required reading for ALL of the months, he/she will get a pizza party at school!