Behavior Information

Please use the following links to learn more about our behavior management system.

Behavior Explanation Letter

Sample Monthly Behavior Calendar

Since your student may have different teachers for language arts and math, we try to run our classrooms as similarly as possible to help with transitions. One way we do this is with a grade-wide behavior management system. In 3rd grade, we use a clip chart system. Your student receives a clothespin with their own unique number on it. They will attach it to the chart in the room they are in. They will clip up and down on the chart depending on their behavioral choices. The students begin each class (Language Arts and Math) on green unless they get to clip up or down during homeroom, lunch, or special. As a team of teachers we look at the break as a chance to reset and begin fresh. When your child begins with us, they receive a copy of the behavior letterĀ for their information and yours that explains what the colors mean. The students will use the calendar to record their color for the day. At times there may be a number attached as well or a note on the back to explain a behavior or situation. The calendar should be coming home daily and turned in with your signature at the end of the month. If you ever have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to any of your child’s teachers.