May 29

Writing or Singing?

Writing or Singing?

Would you rather be famous for writing books or singing worldwide? I will give you information on both, then comment which you rather be!  If you were famous for writing books it would take a lot of work to be able to publish them. To write fiction books you would need an imagination. But then if you wrote non-fiction books you need to be good at putting info. into your own words. Those are some  reasons for being famous to write books.


Now, if you were famous for singing worldwide, you cannot have stage fright and you need to be willing to cooperate with your co-workers. You should be decently nice because you will, I hope, have fans. And one last reason for being famous to sing is you need to have a pretty good voice ( you could just add autotune, but if you were to add a lot that sounds bad.)


Which career are you going to pick? Please let me know in the comment section!

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2 thoughts on “Writing or Singing?

  1. Mr. Geiman

    I want to grow up to be a fun and exciting teacher that makes his students want to come to school every day and engage with students from around the world. Please keep sharing your stories with the world.

  2. krock950

    I REALLY love singing, but I think that I would be better as a writer because I am great at that also, but I do get embarrassed easily and I don’t really like being onstage that much. Great writing Katie I really enjoy your post!!! (:
    Please come and comment on my blog!!!


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