July 19

The Fruit Gobbler, Part 1

The Fruit Gobbler, Part 1

By: Katie

Once upon a time there was a family of 4. A mom, dad, a daughter, and a son. The daughter’s name was Chloe. Chloe loved to explore nature. The son’s name was Jacob. Jacob was always reading. Then, one day the family decided that it would be nice to get out on a vacation. After a lot of work and concentration, their parents finally decided where they would be going. They would be going to a resort on a beach called Tropical Waves Beach.


Chloe knew exactly what she would be packing. Her science kit and her clothes. Jacob also knew exactly what to pack. He would be packing all his favorite science books and his clothes. The family loaded up their luggage into the van and drove off. The trip was a 2 hour long car ride. Jacob was prepared, he had brought a very interesting book about ancient islands in America. It would keep him entertained. Chloe, however, was sitting there staring out the window wondering what she would uncover there.


“ Chloe! “, Jacob exclaimed. “ I just read in this book that the island we’re going to, Tropical Waves Beach, is an old ancient island with a monster! “. “ It’s name is The Fruit Gobbler “. “ That’s ridiculous, there’s no such thing “, Chloe snickered. Then, the family finally arrived. “ Oh my goodness “, the family stared in shock.  To be continued……

May 29

Writing or Singing?

Writing or Singing?

Would you rather be famous for writing books or singing worldwide? I will give you information on both, then comment which you rather be!  If you were famous for writing books it would take a lot of work to be able to publish them. To write fiction books you would need an imagination. But then if you wrote non-fiction books you need to be good at putting info. into your own words. Those are some  reasons for being famous to write books.


Now, if you were famous for singing worldwide, you cannot have stage fright and you need to be willing to cooperate with your co-workers. You should be decently nice because you will, I hope, have fans. And one last reason for being famous to sing is you need to have a pretty good voice ( you could just add autotune, but if you were to add a lot that sounds bad.)


Which career are you going to pick? Please let me know in the comment section!

May 25

The Last Challenge #STUBC17!

  1. How many posts did you write?

           16 posts from the beginning of March – May 2017, 52 posts for this whole year of blogging.


  1.   How many were for school, your own interests, or set for the challenge?

            27 school posts, 9 interest posts, and 16 challenge posts, this whole year!


  1.   How many comments did you receive?

           100 comments this whole year!


  1.   Which post received the most comments? Why do you think so?

           I had lots of ties. But the highest number of comments would be 6.


     5,   Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?

           My favorite post to write would be called The Fiction Section. It’s about a girl named Calissa that lives in a rusty old house with her dad ( papa ). She was forced to do hard work and got tired of it. So she asked to go to the library and get’s stuck in, The Fiction Section! http://blog.elanco.org/mullins203/2017/04/27/the-fiction-section/


  1.   Did you change blog themes at all and why?

           Yes, I changed blog themes a few times. I changed them as the year went on because seasons were changing so I changed my blog themes with them to show what time of year it is.


  1.   How many widgets did you have? Is it too many or not enough?

           I had 7 widgets. I think this was a good amount of widgets, like about in the middle. Not too much not too little, I like my number of widgets ?.


  1.   How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll?

           I have 5 overseas students on my blogroll, I think I could have a few more.


  1.   Which web tools did you use to show creativity on your blog?

           I used piktocharts, pictures, padlets, canvas, videos, and google slides.


The Blog Challenge ( my thoughts )

This year I have done 2 blog challenges, February 2016and March 2017, which I guess technically makes it 2 years of blog challenges, But I have done 2 challenges this 4th grade year. The blog challenges have made this year the funnest year ever. I am going to miss the STUBC16 and STUBC17 ?.

May 25



By: Katie

This summer I am going to Europe. But I’m not just driving there, I am cruising there. In my life I have gone on a total of 2 cruises, this will be my third. I’ve been on a cruise to Bermuda, and a cruise to the Bahamas. So far, I am the most excited for this cruise.


Although it’ll be mainly historical facts, there will be so many amazing building structures there, plus the cruise ship is the fun part, and the beach ??. I will be going to all sorts of stops their. For example: Pompeii, beach, Italy, France, and Germany. But unfortunately, I won’t get to see the Eiffel Tower.


Now, one thing I am so happy and excited for is the cruise ship. Like I said before, I have been on other cruises. The very first cruise I went on was to Bermuda, that ship had a pool, 2 hot tubs, an arcade, 3 fancy restaurants, a toddler hangout, a kid hangout ( my age ), a teen hangout, and much more!


My second cruise was to the Bahamas, and guess what?, that cruise ship was the very same exact ship I went on to Bermuda!!! It had the same things. And the next cruise this upcoming summer will be to Europe! This cruise ship, I know, will have a tennis court, rock wall, pool, snack bars, some fancy restaurants, and more.
In my next few upcoming posts there will be more feedback on my trip to Europe. Happy Blogging!

May 19

The Abandoned Amusment Park!

Abandoned Amusement Park

By Katie and Elise

Once upon a time there was a boy named Sam.  He loved to explore hidden places.  So one night he thought that he would try to see places that he couldn’t find in the light but he knew it might be S~C~A~R~Y!!!  Anyway, he went WITHOUT telling his parents!

When he was about halfway through his driveway, Sam fell into a whole that had just opened up in the ground and screamed the whole way down.  Just then he had regretted for going outside on a week before Halloween, not telling his parents and it was Midnight!

Suddenly, Sam heard a low, long and deep voice welcome him.  Sam could not look so he kept his eyes closed while that voice was calling but then he realized that he should probably look for who was calling, because first of all, he could explore and second of all, someone could just come and take him if he wasn’t opening his eyes and paying attention.  

So, Sam decided to open his eyes and right when he did that, he saw an army of skeletons welcoming him and pushing him forward into this creepy place.  Then they led him to a fair stand and then through some curtains and at that moment Sam SCREAMED as loud as he could because of what he was seeing.  Now, he REALLY wished had just stayed home instead of trying to explore at night.

From what Sam saw he thought it looked kind of like a huge amusement park but especially abandoned.  Sam knew something though, at night why would there be an underground amusement park… especially with SKELETONS!

Then the skeletons who had brought him here led him to a stand and there was another skeleton said,”Hey people person, want some FRENCH FRIES with a side-a-spooky sauce?!  Hey?”

Sam, didn’t know if he should speak back or not so he just nodded his head NO so the skeletons led him onto this huge roller coaster that had bones and was broken at the end with rickety, wooden, tracks.  It had used to be called the -Lightning Run-

Suddenly, without choice the skeletons pushed Sam onto the ride and it started.  Sam couldn’t believe what was happening so he just decided to SCREAM as loud as he could once again and started yelling his parents’ name.   

 Once the ride started, it was lightning fast so, once they were at the end they all said goodbye and as quick as light, Sam was shot straight into his bed with no problem.

With that day on, Sam never EVER went out to explore at night again!

April 27

The Fiction Section!

The Fiction Section, Part 1!

Once upon a time there lived an 8-year old girl named Calissa. Calissa lived in a tiny cottage with her Dad, which she called Papa. On their porch lay thousands of termites scattering around chipping the wood. Inside they had a kitchen, 1 bathroom, 2 bedrooms, and a tiny fenced area for Calissa to play in. Between the walls of Calissa’s room sit a single dresser with 3 table legs, a bed, and an old box for her clothes. Everyday Calissa was expected to scrub the bathroom shiny clean, do the dishes, make all the beds, and sweep and vacuum the whole house. She never liked this yet she still do it everyday with a smile. But eventually Calissa got sick of the same old routine.So she decided to ask her dad to go to the library for a change of scenery. As they hopped in the car Calissa waved goodbye to her cottage as she be frightened she would not see it again. She sat quietly as the engine rumbled and tapped her eardrums. They eventually arrived at the Town Library. They walked up and swung the doors open. Calissa walked over to the fiction part of the kids section and marveled at the selection of books. She immediately stormed over to Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. She picked the book up and flipped the rubber cover open. All of a sudden glitter dust flew up into the air and POOF!!! She was in a completely different world. Then she saw him, it was Dark Duke the king of the fiction section. Her Papa had warned her not to go to the fiction section but she had completely forgot. He grabbed her and took her to the Lava Dunking Station of Porridge, ( like dunking someone in a pool, but porridge of lava instead ). But when they arrived Calissa threw Dark Duke in rapidly. She could still hear the creepy crawling sound of the bubbles smothering Dark Duke down in the lava. She knew these types of battles were just beginning for her. TO BE CONTINUED…….