Valentine’s Day Mystery!

Valentine’s Day Mystery!

It was soon Valentine’s Day in Mrs. Berkshire’s room. The kids were making creative bags for their Valentine’s Day treats. PJ said, “ Mrs. Berkshire, look at my bag it has a bunch of cool hearts on it “. Jenny said, “ Mine has flowers and butterflies on it “. All was well in Mrs. Berkshire’s room till Valentine’s Day arrived. When the kids first walked in they came to see all their beautiful bags had been stolen! They all gasped shockingly as they scurried around the room in search of their bags. Mrs. Berkshire said, “ No need to panic kids, I’m sure it was just another teacher trying to get examples for their kids “.


Everybody put on their detective gear and began the search of the Valentine’s Day mystery. Dan had always been the one in the class who loved to read books on mysterious crime scenes, he had been the one to panic the most. Dan ran to Ms. Roses room and asked if she had seen the last of their bags. She replied, “ I’m sorry Dan, I’m sure you will find them soon enough “. Dan knew, from his books, that whoever seemed innocent had to be the criminal because they were trying to cover up the fact that they were being sneaky.


The next suspect on the list was Mr. Moses, the art teacher. He always made fun of the kids because their art stunk, everybody knew that he had no heart and would destroy anything they made when he could get the chance. The whole class ran down to his room, he said, “ Oh I’m so sorry, ( said sarcastically ) I’m sure it’s such a loss to see such horrible art go “. The kids huddled and thought they had better question more and look around his room. They looked and looked but all they found was yarn, scissors, and what they think was, taffy?
The very last suspect was…. Mrs. MayHan, the science teacher. She was always sounding suspicious and hiding ‘’ surprises “ in her classroom closet. They marched to her room and she said, “ Oh, why would you silly children think such a thing “? Then they went to their classroom to sit down and check out the list of suspects and see who sounded the most suspicious. At the end they concluded Mrs. MayHan is guilty. They again returned to her room and looked around for a closer look. They finally found the bags! She had been guilty all along! She eventually got fired and the children had fun at their reward. A Valentine’s Day party! They ate treats and had fun. Case closed on the Valentine’s Day Mystery!

Happy Valentine's Week from DFJCreative Commons License Steve Jurvetson via Compfight

Ariana Grande!

 Ariana Grande!

Ariana grande was born on June 26, 1993 in Boca Raton, Florida. She got into local theatre before teenage years. As a 15-year old she landed a role on Charolette, a Broadway show, a play on N.Y.C.Her big break was Victorious, a show on the arts at a high school. She played a silly teenager, Cat Valentine. Ariana also was Cat in a funny show, Sam and Cat. She also won 2 grammys. She is very important because she encourages her fans to believe in themselves. She has a lot of big hits and won lots of awards for singing. When she isn’t performing she gives to charity. KIds Who Care and charities in the South Region are very close charities to her.


1 ASCAP Pop Music Awards
2 American Music Awards
3 Bambi Awards
4 BET Awards
5 Billboard awards
5.1 Billboard Music Awards
5.2 Mid-Year Music Awards
5.3 Billboard Women in Music
6 Brit Awards
7 Grammy Awards
8 iHeartRadio Music Awards
9 MTV Awards
9.1 MTV Europe Music Awards
9.2 MTV Italian Music Awards
9.3 MTV Millennial Awards
9.4 MTV Video Music Awards
9.5 MTV Video Music Awards Japan
10 Much Music Video Awards
11 The Music Business Association
12 NAACP Image Awards
13 Neox Fan Awards
14 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards
15 NRJ Music Awards
16 People’s Choice Awards
17 Premios 40 Principales
18 Radio Disney Music Awards
19 Teen Choice Awards
20 Young Hollywood Awards
21 YouTube Music Awards
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Navajo Code Chart!

In school I am learning about the Navajo Code Talkers. We were asked to make up a chart of a secret code out of symbols from our keyboard, just like the code talkers. This is my secret code and below I asked a few questions in code for you guys to answer. You can answer these questions in the comment section, answer them in code. Thanks for reading, bye! 😉 – Katie

~ @ * ^ $
# ! % (
< > = ? ,
[ ] ; . +
` | &            _  }               

Questions in Code!

(. +%(. ~ !,,^ *,^$

|%~+ ~;$ _,- >$~;?(?! (? .*%,,>

|%~+ (. _,-; #~`,;(+$ +_[$ ,# (*$ *;$~=

^, _,- %~`$ ~?_ [$+.


Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr.

This is why I think King gave his speech. I think it’s because Martin Luther KIng Jr. wanted to make things right and equal. He also gave it because he was African – American and  probably felt that it was wrong he couldn’t have some privileges that white people had. Black people had to go through the back door of a restaurant just so they could eat in the kitchen!!

This is why I think Martin Luther King Jr. gave his speech at the Lincoln Memorial. I think he gave it at the memorial because it’s a big gathering place and it’s special, it’s built based on Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was the third president of the U.S.A He set slaves free and then was considered one of our best presidents. He also had wishes for equality and freedom for everyone, any color. King and Abraham felt the same way. This is why I think Martin Luther King Jr. gave his speech, and had it at the Lincoln Memorial!