May 21

My Holiday Traditions!

My Holiday Traditions!

Every Year, my family and I have certain traditions that we do. First, my mom, sister, and I always look at lights. We wear Christmas Pj’s, make hot chocolate, put on Christmas music, and drive around looking at all the lights on the houses in our area. Next, another tradition we have is our family does a gift exchange. We go over to our friends house, have dinner, hangout, and do a sort of secret santa/gift exchange thing. Next, every year, on Christmas day we always go down to my great aunt and cousins/second cousins house. We usually eat lunch there or go somewhere else, but we eat lunch and dessert, and my sister and I hangout with our second cousin Kaylie while the parents talk. The last tradition is one I think a lot of families do, but we always decorate gingerbread houses. I recently just finished mine. These are all the holiday traditions my family and I have!


May 21

My Holiday Break Plans!

 My Plans For the Holiday Break!

After this week, our school starts winter break. Our break is December 22nd – January 2nd. After school this Friday, Our family is going over to our friends house to exchange gifts. We do this every single year, and we usually have dinner together, which is really fun.


Then on Saturday evening, my sister, mom, and I are going around the area to look at lights. We make hot chocolate, put on Christmas music, and drive around looking at the different lights on the houses, which is really fun.


Then, on Sunday, I don’t think we have any plans, the only thing I think we are doing is baking cookies. Next on Monday, it’s Christmas Eve, and we are going over to my grandparents house. We usually stay for most of the day, we will probably leave to go eat lunch and stay till about 8:00. Then, when we get home, we open our stockings and put on Christmas PJ’s. Then, usually my sister and I will stay up and talk and have fun then go to sleep.


On Tuesday, it’s Christmas, the best part of the break! Every morning, we wait till our parents wake up, and we go downstairs to open presents. Afterwards, our parents usually make pancakes for breakfast, if we have time. But this year, we might not because we are going to visit my great aunt. She lives about 2 hours away, so we leave around 11:00, and start driving.

But sometimes, we eat lunch at our favorite chinese restaurant, since they are open on Christmas and in the area, and other times we will eat lunch at my great aunt’s house. But either way, we will then have dessert and the parents will talk. Then, my second cousin Kaylie usually wants to hangout with my sister and I, so that’s what we do most of the time. And I’m really excited to go also because they have the cutest dog ever!

Then, on Wednesday, I don’t think we have plans, same for Thursday. Next on Friday, we are going to drive up north to see my mom’s side of family, my grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins. They live about 4 and a half hours away, so it’s basically a road trip, but it makes it fun being in the car because I get to talk with my family. When we get there, I don’t know if we are eating lunch there, and I don’t know what time we are even going to start driving there, but we will probably go to my cousins and aunt and uncle’s house first. Then, we’ll stay and I’ll be playing with their two cats and dog, (did I mention I love animals?)


Next, after we visit them, we will check into our hotel. And we will probably meet up for dinner with my grandparents, cousins, and aunt and uncle. Afterwards, we will probably visit my grandparents house for a little, which I will be playing with their three cats, of course. Then we will probably meet up for lunch the next day and start driving back.


Then on Sunday, my friends and I are going to Hershey Park and Chocolate World, which will be fun and we will be there for the whole day. Then for the last two days of break, I think the only thing we might be doing is going back to our friends house ( the ones we are gonna do the gift exchange with on Friday) for New Year’s Eve and probably have a sleepover there into New Year’s Day. These are my plans for the holiday break!

May 21

My Favorite Season!

Just about every year, my favorite season changes. But for a while, my favorite season was spring. I still love spring, but it is not my favorite season anymore because of seasonal allergies. In spring, I have the worst allergies. But any other time of year, my allergies are pretty much fine. In the spring, my eyes are swollen and red basically every day and I’m sneezing like crazy. So, my new favorite season is fall. I like fall for a lot of reasons. First, my birthday is in fall, November 13th. Also, I love anything pumpkin. And, the weather isn’t too cold or really hot. This is why Fall is my favorite season.

May 21

My Thoughts on Poetry!

             In class, we’ve been working with poetry. We have been coding poems, identifying figurative language in poems, and even writing poems. Poetry is kind of like a different way to tell a story. It is also a way to express yourself. I like coding poetry and I think it’s fun to identify things in it. But you have to be really creative to write a poem. I’m not really good at writing poems and I think it can be hard. This is my feeling and thoughts on poetry.

May 21

Figurative Language!

In class, we have been learning about figurative language. We have also been finding and using it in poems, another thing we are working on in class.

I think the easiest type of figurative language to find in poems for me is similes. A simile is a comparison of two things using the words like and/or as. Some examples are: you were as brave as a lion, watching that show was like watching grass grow, and your explanation was as clear as mud. These are similes because they compare two things using the words like and as. This is what I think the easiest type of figurative language is to identify in poems.

My favorite type of figurative language is hyperbole. A hyperbole is a type of figurative language that is very dramatic. Some examples of hyperboles are: I told you to clean your room a million times, I have a million of things to do today, and it was so cold I saw polar bears wearing hats and gloves. These are hyperboles because they are very dramatic, and most likely not true. I don’t think anyone would tell someone a million times to do something. Also, I don’t think anyone would see polar bears actually wearing hats or gloves. And, I don’t think anyone would have a million things to do.

This is the easiest type of figurative language for me to identify, and my favorite type of figurative language.  
     If you want to learn more about figurative language, look at this website:


May 21

Firefighters and Police Officers!!

This week, we were told to blog about someone we admire. I chose to write about firefighters and police officers. Everyday, there’s an emergency somewhere or someone who needs help. Firefighters and police officers are there to help. We don’t think about it very often, but firefighters and police do a lot for us and we should be thanking them.   

     I admire their hard work and kindness. They like helping others and put all of their time into it. They always have to be ready for any emergency that may come up, so they are always alert and prepared. Next time you see a firefighter or police officer, make sure to thank them!

                       Image result for police  images                                                                                                      Image result for firefighter images

May 21

My Favorite Holiday!

If I had to choose my favorite holiday, it would definitely be Christmas. I love Christmas for very many reasons. First, I get to spend time/see family. My family lives far away. My dad’s side lives about an hour away. My mom’s side, lives 4 and a half hours away. Every year, on Christmas Eve, we go to see my dad’s side. We stay for lunch and dinner till about 9:00, it’s really fun.

Then, on Christmas day, we drive to Delaware to see my great aunt and cousins, which is also really fun and it’s nice to see my second cousin, because she has health problems and I don’t see her very often. Then, sometime over winter break, we drive 4 and a half hours north to see my moms side, which is a long car ride but once we get there it’s worth it.

The second reason I love Christmas is the decorating! When it comes to Christmas, my family goes big on the decorations. We don’t necessarily decorate super early, but when we do decorate it’s really fun. Another reason I love Christmas is the weather. Snowy weather is my favorite kind of weather, and it doesn’t always snow on Christmas, but Christmas is in the winter, so it snows around Christmas time.


Another reason I love Christmas is New Years eve/New Years. I know New Years is after Christmas, but it’s still on winter break. I like New Years because we get to hangout with friends. We usually go to our friends house and we get a bunch of those things that crack when u throw them on the ground.


Lastly, I love Christmas because of the food. Our family always does gingerbread houses and cookies, which is fun. Also, when we go over to my grandparents on Christmas Eve, we have the same meal as we do on Thanksgiving, which is really good.


This is my favorite holiday and why I love it. What’s your favorite holiday and why?