Who I Nominate


I nominate Ella.  I nominate Ella because she has interesting stories and she added pictures in her stories.  There is two pages on her post both pages have interesting stories.

Ella’s blog has many posts.  One of my favorite posts on her blog is The Magic pocket.  I like that story because it has adventure and it is funny because different things come out of her pocket like a key and a beaver and invisible cream.  I also liked it because it kept my interest and it had action.  I really liked it because it stayed on one topic the whole story.

Ella is from Australia.  She is my favorite blog page.  Her stories  make me keep on going back.  I like it because she has many stories.  She most of the time has new stories.      Here is Ella’s URL to here blog page http://ella2016.global2.vic.edu.au/page/2/

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