Hatchet Next Step

So far this is what happened in to Bryan his parents are divorced because the secret that Bryan’s dad doesn’t know so he is clueless of why Bryan’s mom wanted a divorce.  Bryan flying in a small plane right next to the pilot is going to his dad’s the plane was getting a odd odor which Bryan just thought was the pilot which it was. Later the pilot started jolting back in his seat Bryan realized he was having a heart attack the pilot turned the plane but Bryan did not remember which way he turned,  Bryan with the pilot dead in his seat tries to prevent the plane from crashing he waits and tries to contact others but when he finally starts to hear he is out of range.  Moments later Bryan has come up with a plan to try to land the plane, he wanted to do it by a lake so he had space to land and the trees wouldn’t tear him and the plane apart he failed and landed right in the lake.  After he climbed through the windshield which broke when the plane hit the water, he started to remember the secret He was with his friend and his friend went to sile over at Bryan and Bryan saw his mom in a station wagon with a man that wasn’t his father.  Bryan was sitting against a tree after he got out from the water he felt pain all over and his forehead was swollen he fell asleep then when he woke up clouds of bugs came towards him they were mosquitoes biting him.  After all the mosquitoes left when the sun hit them bryan fell asleep with the sun against him.


If I was in his situation the next step I would take is fire and food.  I would want a fire because the book said it was cold at night and fire provides warmth also people could see the smoke and go to check it out and find Me.  I would want to find food because it is a basic need for survival.  Also food gives energy so I could do more to find his way back to civilization.  Another step I would take is shelter because it can protect me from danger and give me shelter from sun because too much sun can harm someone.  Those are the steps I would take if I were in Bryan’s situation.

Genius Hour Tools For Modeling


Hello this is an update on my genius hour project here is some of my research on tools. This article will tell you tools to use while modeling and what they are used for. Dentist tools are good for adding detail when the clay is dried. Curved knives are good for indenting materials and working with harder material. Loops of metal can be used to smooth corners and curves, pull out small amounts of clay, or create texture or patterns. Wooden clay tools are used for creating smooth edges, or curves on items.  They can help control the curve on a three-dimensional shape as well as cut lines in most modeling materials. Rolling pins for rolling clay for modeling. The last item is beads you can use different beads for texture on the clay. These are some great tools for clay modeling.

Hey Everyone

Hey guy it’s me Leila.  If you have been commenting and wanted me to respond I’m sorry.  I’m not getting comments right now I don’t know why but comments aren’t getting to me so I’m sorry.


While I was sitting in class I noticed a cat outside this was happening while I was writing this blog post. About the cat it is white with grey patches, it look fine health wise and it looks like it could’ve gotten lost from it’s owner because it doesn’t look like a stray..  I’m very concerned because it is raining outside and it’s only shelter is the tree it is laying under.  I noticed it doesn’t really care about the rain it’s just laying there and it is not dead because it is moving.  Here is a story I’m basing of this cat I’m just saying it’s a she the gender is unknown.

Once upon a time there was a white and grey cat she was trying to find out where her owner was going every morning so on Nov. 6th she decided to find out.  She jumped out the door trying to chase her owner but her owner went into the box thing and it started to move so she chased It trying to find where her owner was going. Cat: Whoa that thing goes fast I’ll never catch up to it.  AH what was that ew it was water and it keeps coming I need to find somewhere to hide.  OOOH my those trees are perfect.) She ran under the trees trying to get comfortable she noticed a building with humans inside. Cat: Maybe those humans will let me in, let me just get to that door and scratch at it) She Goes to run towards the door. Cat: AH I forgot about the water I will just stay under my tree until it stops wait what if it doesn’t stop.  For awhile she just stayed there wondering if she would ever see her owner again.

The End

Think Win-Win

I watched a video The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.  It talked about the different habits like be proactive, begin with the end in mind, put first things first, think win-win+1-1=0, seek first to understand then to be understood, synergize, and sharpen the saw.  The habit that I wanted to focus on was Think Win-Win.  I wanted to focus on this one because it stated in the video  “someone doesn’t have to lose for you to win.” which is telling us everything does not have to be a competition with winners and losers everyone can be winners.  I could change this by not being so competitive towards others and help others win to.  To do this I could work with other people more and not only think about myself first.

10,000 Hour Rule and Children’s Screen Time

This article is about the 10,000 hour rule and How your children’s screen time adds up.  The 10,000 hour rule is a way to help you master a skill.  The article How Your Children’s Screen time measures up tells how kids are spending a lot of time looking at screen’s and are at risks.

The 10,000 hour rule video speaks about how if you put 10,000 hours into something you can master it.  Putting in the work helps achieve the skill.  Also, if you focus on one skill that you enjoy you will master it.

The article How Does Your Child’s Screen Time Add Up tells about your child’s screen time is putting them at risk of problems like obesity, sleep problems, cyberbullying, and negative performance at school.  Also most of the time children’s screen time is when they are watching videos or TV.

The conclusion is if kids are spending so much time looking at the screen by the time the are 18 they are masters at watching TV/videos and gaming.


Ten Thousand Hour Rule video

“How Does Your Child’s Screen time measure up” article