Lacrosse is a sport I have been doing for 2 and a half years.  I know how to use the stick, cradle the ball and pass.  This is my favorite activity to do with a group.  I started lacrosse in second grade it was difficult at first because I didn’t have any experience at all, but they taught me how to play.  I started out as the new player but I learned it was other people’s first time to.


Lacrosse is the sport me and my sister play together.  My sister got upset because she wanted it to be her sport but I joined because my Aunt told me all about it and it motivated me to play. My sister and I don’t care about that it was two years ago we just care about our attitude on the field.  We also care about the way we play and our team.  We both love the sport it helped me realize we our sister we fight but when we are on the field we are teammates. help us on the field.  There is boys lacrosse and girls lacrosse.  All you need for girls lacrosse is lacrosse goggles, A lacrosse stick, cleat or sneakers and a mouthguard no clear mouthguards.


Lacrosse is my favorite activity because it was a sport that me and my sister can do together outside of our house.  Also when I am on the field I feel so thrilled.  My mom and my two aunts are coaches that makes me feel so relaxed.  My team works on passes,goals and catches  we do mand any drills to help us on the field.  


I like to play this sport it helps me run and get outside more.  There is usually games over the weekend practices during the week and no games or practices on holidays.  Me and my sister Bella play we pass when we are at home and practice cradleing. Girls lacrosse has many rules no in people’s shpere,  no body contact,  no triping and many others.  I like to play maybe you could try it to.       


Lacrosse can be confusing at first but you will learn and get the hang of it eventually.  My favorite activity maybe could be yours to someday.  Lacrosse is really fun to play.  Here’s the ard part you have to be willing to try.  Try it out and if you like it stick with it if you don’t like it you don’t like it.


Unexplained Caterpillars

By:  Brooklynn and Leila

Unexplained Caterpillars


Once there was a caterpillar.  This caterpillar wasn’t small like other caterpillars that were 10-12 feet long!  This caterpillar was 35 feet long!  The caterpillars I’m thinking of are in a secret world that know one knew about.  Until one day that a human was bored and took a walk in the forest.


That human fell in a hole which was the portal to the caterpillar world.  The human was caught by the king caterpillar which was the biggest caterpillar which was 35 feet long.  “What are you doing here?”  ,The king asked.  “I don’t know I was just walking in the forest then I fell.”  ,She said in a scared voice.  “I don’t care you are invading my personal space.  You’re lucky I just got out of my royal bath.”,said the king.  “Oh well then excuse me but I just fell down a hole.  “May I ask who you are and why are you a huge caterpillar.”, said the girl very confused.  “I’m the KING caterpillar”, he said.  


 “I need to get back Please Please help me get back I have a family a LIFE I need to get back right now!  You probably should know my name it’s Sarah”, she said.  “No!  You can’t be trusted! You won’t go back until you earn my trust.”, The King said.  “You can trust me please I promise I won’t tell I need to go BACK!”, Sarah whimpered.  “Sarah we know that you never liked your life.” ,The King said.  “Please I love my life.  With my mom that’s always angry, and my dad that’s never here.  OK maybe you’re right I don’t have a GREAT life, but I love my family I’m used to it by now.”, Sarah said trying to convince  the King to let her go.  “Then why are you thinking convince the King to let me go back. I’m lying.”  ,The King said trying to stay calm.  


 “UGH I can’t even talk anymore I’m done!  It doesn’t matter anymore I guess I’ll just stay here forever.”, Sarah said and started to cry.  “Wait how are you guys so big?”  ,Sarah said starting to dry her tears.  “Uh Uh.  We we’re a test subject in a lab then they made a portal because nothing was working and they threw us in.”  The King said mumbling.  “Wait a minute your lying liar liar pants on fire.  I may not be able to read minds like you, but I’m not dumb. Tell me the truth.”, Sarah spoke with an angry tone.  “I will never tell the secret.” ‘The King said with uneasy tone. “Tell me now!”, Sarah said furiously.  The King just left and went to his room.  Sarah ran after him but she couldn’t reach the handle.  Then the guard came up and blocked Sarah.  


 The guard put her in this tiny room for a human.  Sarah thought the room was beautiful.  The room was a coral color with a light blue color to,  but when she turned it also had a kitchen with a whole bunch of human food.  She found everything in the room.  Then she thought about why is there a bunch of food.  Then Sarah ran to the door it didn’t budge she was locked in.  The room was the same color as hers.

She fell asleep then woke up.  Sarah looked around was it all a dream she thought.  Then she saw a wall move so she walked over and touched the wall she fell.  Then the curtain rose.  She saw the kitchen.  “It was real!” , Sarah yelled.  Sarah remembered the book her mom always read then gave to her it was the giant caterpillar.  Sarah was named after the girl in the book.  “The book was real! ,Sarah said in a  exclamatory tone.  Sarah never escaped she never saw her family again.  The mystery was never solved.



Our VR Experience

Hello this will be about my See Think Wonder for VR.  See Think Wonder is a chart to help us write about our experience.  The see means tell what you see/saw in the VR.  Think means what did you think when you were i n VR.  Wonder is What you had questions about when you were in VR.

My VR experience helped me see the Amazon without even going there.  It helped me understand the Amazon better.

Was the Big Bad Wolf Really Bad? Wolf’s Point of View


Was The Big Bad Wolf Really Bad?

                                                                      234A7789.jpg Mark Dumont via Compfight


Everybody knows the story Three Little Pigs right?  Well have you read the story from the wolf’s point of view. Here we go!  Well everybody knows how the three pigs all built their own houses, and each used different material.  Then the wolf came and huffed and puffed to blow the houses down.  He blew the straw house down.  Then that little piggy ran to the

next house.  The Wolf blew that house down as well.  They both went the brick house.  Then the wolf tried to blow the brick house down, but it was to strong.  He huffed and puffed just trying to blow the house down.  Then finally he gave up.  He tried so hard to huff and puff but he couldn’t do it.


The Wolf’s story is different than the three pigs.  The wolf only wanted to play with the pigs, but they wouldn’t let him.  The Wolf said, “Please I just want to pl…….. Achoooooooooooo.  The wolf had sneezed and the straw fell down all over the ground.  The pig in the straw house ran to the house made of sticks.  “Come on guys I just want to play”, said the wolf in a whimpering voice.  The wolf has a cold and can’t control his sneezing.  He just wants to play with the pigs.  “Come on guys let me in.”  He said.  The wolf was getting very furious.  He turned bright red.  


  The wolf knocked on the stick house and said,  “Let me……. .Achoooooooooo.”.  The wolf sneezed the stick house down.  “Guys I have a cold and can’t control my sneezing.  Whatever the wolf said the pigs heard it differently.  They thought that he was just Making up an excuse to let them come out and eat him.  “ We won’t let you in after your lie.”, They all said in fear.  “That wasn’t a lie.”  , He said angrily.  Then the wolf was getting so frustrated that he was breathing in and breathing out.  When he did that he didn’t realize that he was blowing really hard.  Then all of a sudden he stopped himself and he realized that he was trying to blow the house down.  He finally said,  “I was just trying to be your friend.” He said with tears.  “Okay you will have one chance to be our friend.” ,The biggest pig said.  They all finally became friends.


                                                “That’s my side of the story.” ,The wolf said with a wink

                                     That was the wolf’s point of view from the Three Little Pigs       




Deforestation problem

Is DEFORESTATION an issue kids should worry about?

Deforestation is an issue kids should worry about because…   Deforestation is clearing forests on a large scale.  Most of Deforestation happens in tropical rainforests.

  More than 2,000 of the 3,000 plants with cancer-fighting properties grow only in rainforests.  This fact helps my opinion because if we cut down rainforest we are killing plants with cancer-fighting properties.  Think 2,000 out of the 3,000 identified plants with cancer-fighting properties live only in rainforests.  We are demolishing plants that can cure cancer.

Forests cover 30% of earth’s land.  Our forests hold 70% of our plants and animals live in rainforests.  We will kill some plants and animals that there habitat are only in rainforests.  Also in the future we won’t have animals that we have now. Some people won’ be able to see the magnificent animals we have now.                    


Some people might argue…

One strategy to preserve tropical forests is to teach farming methods that do not destroy the forests.  In  ‘shade farming’ certain crops like coffee are grown within the forests without cutting down many trees.  This is a good solution, but what kind  of fertilizer are they using is that hurting forests.  Just because they are not cutting down many trees they are still cutting down some trees.

 Deforestation is an issue kids should worry about because.  Cutting down forests is killing plants with cancer fighting properties.  Forests cover 30% of earth’s land 70% of our animals and plants live in forests.  Without we would have less than 1,000 plants with cancer fighting properties. We also won’t have many animals our plants we have today.


Secret Santa

Come join us for our Secret Santa party!

To: Alyssa Joler and her family

Hosts: Leila and Brooklynn

When: 12:00 P.M – 2:30 P.M for the present giving.

Where: 123 Delusional road

RSVP: Call us to let us know that you are coming and what you are bringing 555-111-2222

Date: December 21 for the Secret Santa PICKING at 12:00 – 12:30,  December 28 present GIVING from 2:30 P.M – 3:30 P.m.

What is happening: There will be kids and you will pick out of the hat and whoever you get you will get them the present.  There will also be food.  That following week we will be giving your kid the present and you will find out who your secret santa is!  The limit is $25 so it has to be a present at least $10 – $25.

Come with a present fit for who you got remember to tell nobody who you got also no names on the present.  Both the name picking and the actual thing will be at the same place, but the name picking will be on a different day and time will be shorter.  We will be playing Christmas music.  Please come we will be excited thanks!

From: Brooklynn and Leila  

Who I Nominate


I nominate Ella.  I nominate Ella because she has interesting stories and she added pictures in her stories.  There is two pages on her post both pages have interesting stories.

Ella’s blog has many posts.  One of my favorite posts on her blog is The Magic pocket.  I like that story because it has adventure and it is funny because different things come out of her pocket like a key and a beaver and invisible cream.  I also liked it because it kept my interest and it had action.  I really liked it because it stayed on one topic the whole story.

Ella is from Australia.  She is my favorite blog page.  Her stories  make me keep on going back.  I like it because she has many stories.  She most of the time has new stories.      Here is Ella’s URL to here blog page