Im Back

I’m Back

                By: Leila Mansi


Hey guys sorry I haven’t posted in awhile.  I have  been busy with lacrosse, band, and family/ friends.  I haven’t found the time with all my school work so I finished all that and I am going to try to post more often.

About My Blog STUBC17 week 10

 About My Blog

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           Most Comments

The Post with the most comments is Franklin D. Roosevelt.  I think it has the most comments because it has interesting facts about Franklin Roosevelt.



                 Most Enjoyed Post

The post I enjoyed writing the most is Suspicious Secrets because it is mysterious and you don’t know what will happen next.   


                 Changing Blog Theme

I changed my blog theme twice because it was plain and boring so I changed it, and the one I changed it to I had it for 2 months and then changed it because it was hard to get around so the one I have now is still there.



I have 10 widgets and I think that is to little because then my sidebar looks empty. I have 3 OverSea students on my blogroll.  I used Bunnyhero labs for my pet.  


The Pegasus and Rainbow Bird!

The Pegasus And Rainbow Bird!


Once upon a time there was a rainbow bird named Georgia and a pegasus named Magical.  One day Georgia was flying as fast a she could and then Magical popped out of nowhere “Are you okay.”, Georgia asked quickly. “Yeah I’m fine it’s just I need to go to the uh nevermind”, Magical said out of breath.  “Tell me Tell me I won’t tell anyone you told me.”  Georgia said in a sassy way.  “I need to go to my… aunt’s house”, Magical said quickly. “Yeah that makes sense”, Magical whispered to herself.  “Liar liar your pants are on fire.  I know you’re lying I have lie detecting powers.”, Georgia said. “Fine you want to know where I’m going. I’m going to a party that only Pegasi can go to.”, Magical said knowing that Georgia would be mad.  ‘That sounds fun I’m going to a party to only rainbow birds aloud.” , Georgia said loudly. “Really because I thought you would be mad!”, Magical said surprised.  Then Georgia and Magical  just remembered that they were almost late for their parties.  “Oh My we’re almost late mine starts at 9:00 P.M and it’s 8:45 P.M. AHHHHHHH”, Magical said worried.  “OMG my party starts at 9:00 P.M to.”,Georgia said while flying as fast as she could to the party.  “Let’s go!!”, Magical said in a hurry as well.  As they arrived at their parties they realized the parties were next to each other. “Oh our parties are next to each other I wonder why it’s a little weird.”, Magical said surprised.  Then they saw pegasi going threw a little hallway between the two places into the Rainbow bird party.  “What the heck is going on why are pegasi going into the rainbow bird party!” , Georgia  said surprised. “I don’t know why but I’m going to my party Bye!”, Magical said nicely.  “Wait a second come with me to see what’s going on with the parties please.” , Georgia said worried because she didn’t know what was going on. “I have no idea either lets just go to the party we were invited to.”, Magical said while she was going into her party. So they both went to the their separate parties.  “Fine bye Magical!”,  Georgia said angrily. “Why did you say it in a mean tone. Do you not want to go to your party. What’s wrong?”, Magical said confused.  But Georgia had already walked away from Magical.  At that point Georgia didn’t care what Magical said at all. “Ok?”, Magical just walked into her party now mad at Georgia.  “Uh I’m just trying to make some friends around this town that I moved into,but now I’m moving out!” ,Georgia said sadliy.  As Georgia started to load up her bag she really realized that this wasn’t her town to live in. “Hi I’m Magical and I would like to see if you could be my new friend. I don’t have many in this town because I just moved in.”, Magical said to this one pegasus. “Oh hi my name is Sparkle and I don’t have many friends either. Mine just moved away, her name was Georgia.  “Oh Georgia she’s rude.  Wait she’s moving where why?” ,Magical said in a rude and confused tone. They lived in the cloud castle for ever and now she’s moving. “She said she’s moving to funny fortress.”, said Sparkle to Magical.  Meanwhile while Georgia is half way to Funny Fortress she’s remembering the fun times in Cloud Castle that she had with Sparkle her best friend. “Uh so many memories. It brings back the good old days. Oh well I’m leaving this place now.”, Georgia said with a sigh.  “I’m going after my bestie I don’t know about you Magical, but bye.”, Sparkle said to Magical while running out the door.  “STOP I don’t want you to leave. Unless aloud to come with you.”, Magical said to Sparkle.  “Okay get your bag it’s a 2 day trip to Funny Fortress, and I don’t want to have to look in all the houses for her.  Me and Georgia have been besties since like we could crawl.” ,Sparkle said to Magical crying because her friend is gone. “I know where she is she doesn’t like to energise for long so she would take a break soon. Let’s go now!”, Magical said ergent.  “Eh I hate this motel but I need to rest!  I didn’t want to move but cloud castle isn’t the place for me I only have one nice friend and a rude one.”,Georgia said to herself crying. “Well let’s now get a move on to Georgia now!”, Sparkle said. While Sparkle and Magical left, Georgia had to rest at the Animal Gem Hotel.  “Uh it’s to sparkly.  I hate sparkles I should’ve stopped a Animal Grey hotel!”,Georgia said angrily.  “Okay her hotel that she always stops at is Animal Gem Hotel let’s go now now now!”, Sparkle said to Magical.  Sparkle and Magical almost passed the hotel, but the flew in and asked if any rainbow bird named Georgia Looloo came in. “Yes we have she says that she will only be here for the night. Do you need to see her I have an extra key.”, said a nice rainbow bird boy named Jacob. “Yes I do need the key for her room. I need it in about 1 minute because, she goes to sleep always at 9:00 P.M exact!”, Sparkle to Jacob.  “Georgia is her name right she’s nice and pretty.”,Jacob said kindly to Magical and Sparkle.  “What did you say!?”, Sparkle said questioning Jacob.  “Nothing I said nothing.”,Jacob said firmly.  In Jacob’s head he said well there’s an over protecting friend. “Back off Jacob!”, Sparkle said firmly!  “Do you want the key or not Sparkle?”, Jacob said Firmly back.  “Yes Please, Please, Please give me the key I made a mistake!”, Sparkle told Jacob.  “OK here.”, Jacob said while handing the key over.
  “Hope you guys don’t fight.”, Jacob said politely.  “I hope so to!”, Sparkle is now worried they will fight.  But what Sparkle didn’t know is Jacob was tricking her just like she tricked Georgia.