My Favorite Holiday Week 9 STUBC

My favorite holiday is Christmas.  Christmas is my favorite holiday because I get to spend time with my family.  On Christmas morning after we open our gifts we go to my Nana’s house and have Christmas and open gifts from family.  Our Christmas is always tall and fat.  We all love spending time together. 

Christmas to me is spending time with family and be grateful for that.  Christmas eve my parents get each of my siblings and me pajamas and socks to wear that night.  We all are grateful that we got something and we know some kids don’t get anything at all.  Christmas day we go down stairs at 9:00 a.m. We only go  down at that time so our parents can get rest on Christmas morning.

   Christmas always brings joy to my family.  On our Christmas tree each kid gets a turn to put the angel on the tree.  Each kid gets excited for decorating the tree and Christmas morning finding the foam pickle to get a extra gift.    On my Dad’s side of the family we do something called Pollyanna when each member from the family picks a name on Thanksgiving.  Then we all meet up after Christmas and give the gifts youngest first then we keep going until everybody gave their gift to the person they got and everybody got a gift, but you can’t tell anybody except your parents who you got. 


This is a Christmas tree

December 2016PINKÉ via Compfight




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