My pick for 16STUBC award

Hey everyone! I know that all of these 10 weeks, we’ve been improving our blogs and I think that everyone’s blog is great But the one that inspires me most for me, I would like to choose Thanumi as a STUBC nominee. She has a very wonderful blog. One of my favorite things about her blog is her awesome inspiring quote “Our Life is like a garden…It is our duty to make our life success through learning” -Thanumi. Thanumi Has a lot of inspiration and creativity.  Her stories are so creative. I think that she’s a great writer. This is why I will nominate Thanumi as the best blog.

One thought on “My pick for 16STUBC award

  1. Hi Milani, I like that you picked this person for their great blog! I wish that you would have put in some more details about this blog and what site their blog is on somewhere near the bottom. I wonder if you like to see a lot of people’s blogs around the world!? Please come and comment on my blog!!!

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