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This expedition for VR is about Ancient Egypt.  I got to see the pyramids that the Pharaohs are placed in of Egypt and I got to see the Sphinx.  I really like the Sphinx because it looks really awesome and it has some of the hieroglyphics in it!   I hope that you learn something about Egypt when you read this SEE  THINK  WONDER



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(Text-dependant)  (Blue Ball Elementary School)

By Elise K

TDA’s are text-dependant questions that we do here at Blue Ball Elementary.  This helps us learn from exactly what is written in the text and also that we can put the answer that is in the text in our own words.  Also we do TDA’s almost every time we are reading a story from our books called “Reading Street” Books.  

These books are based on what week we are learning something and that helps us when we read these book in our classroom.   TDA’s really come in handy when you need an answer that you know that is in the text.

If you are ever writing a TDA question for someone else, you need to make sure that the question is IN the book (DEFINITELY!) because that what TDA questions are: Questions that come from the text.  This is also a good skill for trying to put other information from a story or text in your own words.

See if you can try to give someone else a TDA and see if they can look in the text and put it in their own words, but remember;  make sure that it is in the text somewhere!

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Valentine’s Day!




Valentine’s Day!!!



By Elise K

Today, February 14 2017, is Valentine’s Day!  I hope that you will have a wonderful time for this holiday.  It is a time when you show your love and also you can give out Valentines.  Valentines are for the holiday (Valentine’s Day) and they are like cards and a lot of people usually put candy in them or there valentine is a piece of candy.  You can be crafty and make your own valentines, but don’t worry around the holiday, in stores there are a LOT of Pre-made valentines that you can write the name of the person you are giving it to and your name,(who it is from).

A lot of people like to celebrate this holiday especially in my State, Pennsylvania.  I know this because at my school, and other schools they celebrate and that is when we can bring in valentines to others.  Again, sometimes I like to be crafty so I just make something (usually origami hearts)  or sometimes I can’t make them in time so I just go to a store, get some candy and cards for my valentines!

In your comment, please say if you like to/do celebrate Valentine’s Day at your SCHOOL.





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Simone Biles Biography


Information From:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simone_Biles

Simone Biles    Simone Biles at the 2016 Olympics all-around gold medal podium (28262782114).jpg

Photo from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simone_Biles#/media/File:Simone_Biles_at_the_2016_Olympics_all-around_gold_medal_podium_(28262782114).jpg

USA  Olympics  Gymnast

By Elise K

Where/When Born

Simone Biles was born in Columbus, Ohio on March 14, 1997.  During Simone’s childhood, her birth mother could not take care of her or her siblings just because of drugs and other addictions.  Also her birth dad abandoned the family also because of drugs and Simone was never able to see her dad.  She is 19 right now and I think that being in the Olympics at 19, well that means that she is like…  SUPER good at gymnastics!!!

What she has accomplished

She has gotten 19 medals in the Olympics and that is a LOT!!!  All of these medals are out of her Gold, Silver and Bronze medals that she has gotten in her whole career so far.  Biles began her gymnastics career at age 6 while on a  day-trip for daycare.  Not long after at age 8, she began to train with coach Aimee Boorman because at her day-care they thought that she should keep going with gymnastics and that is why she is here in the Olympics today!

That is a little bit about Simone Biles:  THE AWESOME/AMAZING  Gymnast!!!
I hope that you have learned something about her and please leave in your comment if you did!

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I and my class were going on an expedition to World War II  and we saw Pearl harbor Hawaii too!

I really liked the expedition because I got to see places all around the world that I have never seen!  I really hope that you will learn something from my SEE THINK WONDER set up!


Please leave a comment and put in it if you know anything else about World War II, or the Navajo Code Talkers!

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Brazil Infographic


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An Adventure Through The Deep Seas





         An Adventure Through the Deep Sea

By Elise

When I am older, I would love to have the chance of going scuba diving.  I have gone snorkeling and that was really fun… but I want to go deeper!!!  To have this experience will be to come out and do one of my dreams!  If this will actually happen someday then I will be desperately excited!  FOR SURE!

One day I am going to try to go through to the wondrous places in the deep sea and to see the numerous amount of animals and their kind of species.   I would probably take a camera so that I could bring it home and then study the species I have found.  Who knows what’s down there? Maybe I could become one of the young adventurous people to find a new species!  I just want to have an experience in real life to see the outside world of plantation and waters around me.  On this adventure in the deep sea, I think that there will be lots of coral and sea  plants that I will enjoy looking at and studying because a favorite thing of mine is to see and study plants.  Since I don’t really get to go into the sea most of the time, there will be knew plants to see that I won’t see on land.

Scuba diving will be an awesome experience especially because I really like nature.  I will try to take my mother with me because she also loves nature, the sea and she LOVES plants just like me and that is why she is a wetland scientist.  This way she can help me discover and study lots and lots of new plants and animals.  The technique of these plants and animals being able to survive in the water is natural because they have special adaptations to the water.  Just like I have adaptations to land not water.  In water, when I want to go scuba diving, I am going to have to have an oxygen tank because I can’t  breathe underwater which means that I would have to hold my breath and for the time that I will be down there…  well I can’t hold my breath for that long and that is why I need an oxygen tank.

I think that I will like being under the water better than like at the beach, on the water and above the surface.  When I will go scuba diving, I would like to rather go in the water close to the surface rather than go down deeper because it is darker down there and then I wouldn’t get as good pictures and I wouldn’t get to see the creatures very well.  That is why I would rather go closer to the light and the surface and not very down deep.

Having this experience would be AMAZING and I would really enjoy it.  The things that I would like to do on  my expedition are all in this dream story of this (I Think) AWESOME journey through the deep sea.  These reasons are hopefully giving advice to if YOU or someone in your family would like to do this adventure just like me!

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TV Show Padlet


Made with Padlet
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Turtle Types


Turtle Types

By Elise


Loggerhead Sea Turtles Modern Sea Turtles Green Sea Turtle Chelonia Staurotypus
Snapping Turtle African Spurred Tortoise Red-Eared Slider Emydura Pelusios
Macroclemys Palea Claudius Glyptemys Terrapene
Graptemy Testudo Chersina Pyxis Morenia

These are all kinds of Turtles from around the world!!!   Many of these turtles have different habitats so that they can survive in the place they live.  Yes, they still have to adapt many times to their temperatures, food, and other things that they live with and in.


When you comment, please list as many of the turtles that you know!!!!  That way, I can see what other kinds of turtles there is around the world!!!

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VR Experience In The Amazon


Through my VR (Virtual Reality) experience, I have learned a lot more about the Amazon and its life.  This opportunity is big and I am thankful for it because it is really cool and it helps me to also learn a LOT more about places and it seems like I am there in real life.

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