June 4

An Extra Hour Of School? No Way!!!

   An Extra Hour Of School?

By Elise Krock


Just imagine if you were walking down your school hallway, come up to the poster board, and find out that your school board is telling you that your day of learning is having an extra hour. They are saying this because they want you to get as much education as possible, to achieve in all of your learning. Would you like that, or not?


I don’t think that my school should have an extra hour of school because, I know that we get recess and plenty of breaks from learning, but I still woudn’t want an extra hour!  Many schools only have 6 hours of school, like I do, but if you add an extra hour, than you would have 7 hours of school. Lots of people already don’t really enjoy school for the most part, but why do you need more time for learning? That is my question.  


Having an extra hour of school would mean more reading time, more math, more special time, but possibly even more recess.  I think that I would much rather be able to be at my house enjoying my time, instead of more school. What if people have after-school activities that they have to get to?  I am one of those people, and have to go to softball only 30 minutes after I get off the bus, and I am the first person off of the bus, so what if other people need to do that to, but they get off of the bus much later?


Also, the school board would have to send out papers to the parents of the whole school saying that there is going to be more school time.  Some people might argue about this because their kids need to go to bed at a certain time, or they might need to go to sports or something. Maybe their kids need to get off of the bus at a certain time.  How is the school board going to make all of these argues and papers work for the kids that they want to be successful in life? I just say no. Too many changes, too many answers to figure out, and students could also be tired, or not focused when they have more school time.


These are all of the reasons why I think that my school board, or anybody else’s, should not be having an extra hour of school and learning time.

May 11

Bunni & Chicki (Molang and Piu Piu) Vacay Buddies

Bunni & Chicki                      Vacay Buddies                                               Picture  Link    

Bunni and Chicki are best friends and they always go on fun adventures together.  Bunni loves to go skydiving, and he goes the craziest ways ever.  Chicki is a little bit more cautious. She likes to hang out in the grass outside, or on the beach, building sand castles. Her favorite thing to do on their fun adventures and events, is taking pictures with her little camera.

For there adventure this time, they are in their vacation costumes, so Bunni and Chicki decided to go to a peach orchard.  Peaches were their favorite snacks, and they loved going to the orchards.

They for sure had to pack for their vacation, and Chicki always took a lot longer, because she was a girl, so it took her a long time to pack, and she also had to clean and charge her camera to get it ready for their vacation. When Bunni was getting ready he had to make sure that he had his hat, clothes, and the water.  Bunni also tried to remember to pack money to go to the gift shop!!!

Once Chicki and Bunni both had everything packed up, they knew that the orchard was pretty far away, so Bunni got into his car with Chicki in the front with him, and he drove them to the orchard.

By the time they got to the peach orchard, Chicki had fallen asleep in the car, and Bunni decided to let her sleep and then he accidentally had fallen asleep then too! Chicki woke up first because she had a much longer nap than Bunni did, so she just woke him up because she saw that they were already there.

Chicki woke up Bunni from his nap, and they headed down to the orchard.. When Bunni saw the orchard, he got so excited and ran to eat the peaches as Chicki got out slowly and sighed at Bunni, but then Chicki saw that they had sweet peaches and those were her favorite, she took a little bite and loved it! She kept eating small bites while Bunni was eating whole peaches!

Then after they ate all the peaches, they saw the gift shop. Bunni got super excited and ran inside as fast as he could. Then Chicki walked slowly after him. Bunni found a chocolate fountain with peaches to dip in, that was $5, when he went to buy it, he had no money! Luckily there was a lady  that thought they were cute, so she let them have it for free and some peaches too!

They kept thanking the nice lady for giving them such nice gifts from the shop for free, but Bunni was so confused because he thought that he had packed $10 from home. He realized that he must’ve forgot, so he just pushed all of those thoughts away and knew that he and Chicki were having a great time.

Chicki decided that now it was time to take some pictures with her favorite little camera, so she angled it as a selfie, and took a really cute and fun picture of her and Bunni next to all of thepeach trees.  The picture taking is usually at the end of their trips, so after the photos, Bunni and Chicki headed home.

Once Bunni and Chicki had unpacked all of the bags, both of them ran into the house with barely any energy left, and plopped down onto their beds and fell fast asleep.


By Kayla, Elise, and Sarina  


May 7

Build Bat Houses! Save Bats!

                                                                          Bat House Magazine

                 Bats are very helpful, kind, and they are getting killed by a terrible, deadly disease called the White Nosed Syndrome.  Many people just think that bats are little pesky things that are just so annoying and disgusting, but you are very very wrong.

                  Maybe more amazing facts about bats would change your mind about them.  Bats can live almost anywhere except for isolated areas.  Also, bats are the only flying mammal because flying squirrels don’t actually fly they glide, and the sugar glider also glides, but bats fly. Every night, a bat goes out for dinner and eats more than 1,000 insects!

                   There are also other ways that people have reasons to not like bats. They believe in many myths.  A big one that people believe in is when bats come and get tangled up into people’s hair. This is not true, they are usually just detecting a bug around your head if it would ever happen to you. Also, people think that all bats bite and carry rabies and diseases.  This is also not true, because bats may get a disease, such as the White Nosed Syndrome, but that doesn’t mean that every single bat that you see, has those things.  The last myth that a lot of people know of, is that all  bats drink blood, this only really occurs to vampire bats, which blood is their food source and they pretty much always get the blood from cows and animals like that.

                    When people say that bats are pesky little things hiding in cracks of their houses, well no, bats are actually very helpful to humans.  Bats eat mosquitoes and bugs so people don’t get annoyed by so many bugs and insects all of the time, and they don’t have as many mosquitoes pester people and their skin.

                       Lots of humans think that bats will just keep coming because there are no dangers to them.  This is very well false because diseases can kill bats just like White Nosed Syndrome, and they are also being killed by wind turbines.  WNS is killing lots of bats’ wing skin, so they are not able to fly, which then this wakes them up in the middle of winter, and then they grow fungus from being so cold. When all of this happens, it is during the middle of winter so the mammals cannot find food, like fruit or insects, so soon enough they will starve to death.  Wind turbines are also a big threat to bats. Bats are being killed by the blades from a wind turbine and are slowly decreasing bat population.

                        One way that people can help to protect these animals is by building bat houses outside in your backyard, or by putting them in your local park.  These bat houses will really help the bats because the bats that will live in the house, will be less likely to get the disease of WNS, because they won’t be all shoved up in a cave that will have bats with the disease, and then that would just spread to the rest of the colony. Another way that we can save bats from wind turbines is by putting sounds that the bats will hear onto the blades or in the middle of them, to chase or keep the bats away from the blades.

                          According to all of this information, it is really helpful to save our bats from diseases and wind turbines and make sure to go out, and make some bat houses!


January 9

Holiday Break

Holiday  Break

By Elise                                                                                                                                       Pictures from https://pixabay.com/

I had a great Holiday Break!  I am really excited that it is finally 2018 and a new year!  I also really enjoyed my Christmas celebration.


Saturday, the one before Christmas, I went to my Moms parent’s house (Grandma and Grandpa) for their celebration and my Uncle Fritz, Uncle Stosh, Aunt Margaret, Aunt Michele, Barbara & Barry Weber, Avery, Peter, Alan, Emmett, Mom & my Dad are all of the people who came to celebrate, so it was a pretty big crowd!  My Grandpa LOVES to cook so he always makes so much, so every time, there is a bunch of leftovers.

On Christmas Eve, I went to my church in the morning just for church, and we came back aroumd 7:00 pm to do chiming, piano and to stay for the Manger Scene with all of the little kids dressed up as animals, angels, wise men, and sheperds.  We stayed until, all of that was over, and then we went home to get ready for Santa Claus.  Once we got home, every year we put out cookies and eggnogg for Santa, but also  my Mom always gets us pajamas for our (before) present, to wear for that night and the next whole day because we weren’t going to go anywhere because it was Christmas the next day so why not?


Christmas day was amazing because of all of the presents and the best breakfast ever, sticky buns!!!  I got a LOT of presents, and so did the rest of my family!  This is my favorite holiday ever so every year, Alan, ( my brother) and me have to go wake up my parents by jumping all over their bed!  It took forever this year for them to wake up because my little brother Emmett had to sleep in just today, on Christmas!  I had to wait atleast two hours before everyone woke up, I was so bored… and then I had to wait for them to brush their teeth and get ready, so that took another couple of minutes, and FINALLY we got to go downstairs!  I was so excited because I knew that there would be so many presents under the tree, and I was right!!!  After we had opened up all of our presents, we went into the kitchen to the amazing smell of our breakfast, sticky buns that my Mom had starting making the day before, Christmas Eve.


I hope that all of you have had a great holiday too and please comment what you did over the Holidays of Christmas and New Years.

December 24

The Mystery Of The Missing Pearl Act lll

The Mystery of the Missing Pearl



Storyteller: Late at night when everybody was asleep a criminal snuck into to museum without anybody knowing and everything was going fine until it all went wrong.


Criminal:  Yes I finally get to steal the biggest pearl in THE WORLD!  HA HA HA!   


Storyteller: Beep, Beep, Beep! (The alarm was going off.)


Criminal: Oh no! I need to get out of here… and QUICK!!!


(Criminal Exits)


Storyteller:  Just then, Miss Kay, the Museum owner, was alerted by the alarm and rushed to the Museum because she knew what had happened.  When she got there she found the criminal right there with the pearl! He glanced over and left quickly with the pearl. Then panicking she called the detectives.


(On the Phone)


Detective1: What is wrong Miss Kay?


Detective 2: We heard the alarm go off.




Detective 1: WHAT!?!?!


Detective 2: That was just found last night! We are on our way.


Museum Owner: Please Hurry!


Detective 1: Hi Miss Kay, so what happened exactly?

Museum Owner: I heard the alarm go off and I rushed here, Only to see the criminal for 1 second, then he was off!

December 18

The Mystery Of The Missing Pearl Act ll

The Mystery of the Missing Pearl

Act II

Storyteller: He made his way to the museum and he had to make sure no one would take it and say that they found it. So he had to be very careful about what he did, so no one would try to steal it. When he reached the museum it was closed!




Storyteller: So he was on the way to the museum owner’s house.


Museum owner: Hi Ted, what can I help you with?


Ted: Hello Miss Kay, could you please come out here quick? I need to tell you something


Museum owner: Yes, what brings you here so late?


Ted: I found the giant pearl of the White Pearl Reef!


Museum owner: Wow that’s amazing, how big is it?


Ted: Not sure.


Museum owner:  Looks like it may be 8 inches. You can give it to me and I will put it in the museum tomorrow.


Ted: Thanks, but please make sure no one tries to steal it.  


Museum owner: I know, I will keep it for you and put it in the security showcase crate so that if someone tries to steal it, the buzzer will go off, and they will be caught.


Ted: Thanks! That would be great!


Museum owner: Yep!


Storyteller: So the Ted trusted Miss Kay with the pearl, thinking it would be safe.

December 18

The Mystery Of The Missing Pearl Act l

The Mystery of the Missing Pearl

               Act I

Storyteller: Once upon a time about 50 years ago, there once was a boy, his name was Ted. He was a diver, he loved to go deep down into the ocean and look at all of the fish and coral with all of the wonderful sea life. Ted was getting ready to dive into the White Pearl Reef one of the biggest Coral Reefs in the world!  He was SUPER excited to go in and try and find the Great Pearl, but he was also a little bit scared. The reef also is said that it has held the most amount of White Pearls in the world!!! The Legend is, there is one giant pearl, named the Great Pearl, but no one can find it.


Ted: Breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out.


Storyteller: Ted was alway a little scared that he might drown or freeze, but he did it anyway, even though he knew what could happen to him if his mom found out.


Ted: I guess I’m jumping in


Storyteller: So Ted dove in… he didn’t find anything at first, but then he hit his head on a giant clam. (Ted hits his head on the clam)Ted hurt his head really bad. So now he has a headache.  He tried to open it but he couldn’t, then Ted got hit in the head by a crowbar and used that to open it. It wasn’t just that easy, but after about 5 minutes, he FINaLLY pried it open..

Ted: What is this?  A GIANT PEARL INSIDE.  AHHHHHHHH!  I better take this to the museum.

December 13

Best Work Day

                                                                           Best Work Day                     

                                                                     At Parrot Mountain, Tennessee

                                                                                 By Elise K

       I was so excited to come to Parrot Mountain, I always am since I work here, but today it is my Birthday!  I went to the entrance of Parrot Mountain, and got into the shelter by my friend Melissa, who was my best friend at Parrot Mountain because we came in to start our work on the same exact day, and we were being trained together.  We have always been some of the work helpers for other people to hold the parrots and to show them how to put them on your fingers or hands. Melissa told me happy birthday and everyone one else who knew that it was my birthday, did also.  We like to help put the birds inside once the shelter has closed.  I have always had fun doing this job and I found this place when I came here in the summer, when I was going to be  a 5th grader the next school year. Me and my family went to Tennessee and I requested to fo to Parrot Mountain and I was so happy here that I didn’t even want to leave and I thought to myself, “Maybe I can come back someday and work here!”   I am pretty sure Melissa has always had a great time too because we always talk and laugh during the day.

      Melissa always answered questions that I needed an answer for, and I always did the same thing for her.  One day I asked her this, “Melissa?” and she asked what I needed.  

      “Someone over here would like to hold a parrot, but I need to go for my lunch break because I am already 8 minutes late and you know that we don’t actually have that much time to eat, so could you go and please help them?”


     “Sure, I will be happy to help you, and I hope that you have a good lunch!”


      Then, I went to the employees break area and sat down with some of my other friends that I met at Parrot Mountain.  They all said Happy Birthday to me too, and surprised me with a whole party with all of my friends!  I really enjoy working with the parrots, so when I go to break I feel a little bit sad, but I really was happy today especially because it was my birthday, but also that everyone had took the time to set up a party, all just for me.  


       I am usually sad that I have to go away from the parrots because I work with them everyday, and I think that it is very fun.  Today though, it was still awesome even if I didn’t get to work with them every second of the day, because it was my birthday!!!


       They brought me a cake with a bunch of icing parrots on the side and said, “Happy Birthday Elise!”  This was honestly probably turning out to be the best day at work ever!  I had a blast, and I was so excited also that I was at Parrot Mountain because I love parrots so much, that I didn’t want a day off, but I wanted to celebrate my birthday with all of my friends and be with all of the parrots!

        After we had eaten all of the cake, and treats, I went back to the bird sanctuary where all of the visitors can see and hold the parrots.  Then, apparently Melissa had gone on the loudspeaker and told everyone that it was my birthday and that after my lunch break, that everyone should surprise me and sing Happy Birthday to me!  So the second I walked back out, the whole park started singing!  This was definitely the BEST DAY EVER!!!  


       Once everybody was done singing and clapping, Melissa told me to come to the loud speaker and say something.  I was a little bit nervous, but I was confident on how Melissa was encouraging me, so I started talking about how thankful I was to be at Parrot Mountain on my birthday, and thanking everyone for singing for me.  Then everybody cheered again when I was finished.  


       After many hours of joy and fun, I was getting kind of tired because of working all of this wonderful cool day, and celebrating my birthday, but my shift was coming to an end so I drove home.  


                                                                  IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!