October 12

Tiger Photofunia


My favorite animal is a Tiger.  You can probably tell that because of all of the posts I have done with Tigers in them.  In your comment please say if you like Tigers, or what your favorite animal is.

May 25

Big Bad Wolf and the….

Big Bad WOLF And The Three Smart Piggies

By Elise and Kane

One day a big bad wolf was really angry because someone stole all his food.  Then the wolf was wondering who has taken all of his food.  After a while he got very frustrated because he couldn’t find the person who was taking all of his food.  So he decided he would search a bunch of the houses along his town and he was trying not to be rude about it because he knew that he would probably not get his food back if he did not ask politely.

The first house he came to in the town, was a small grass house.  In the wolf’s town, there were a lot of different looking houses.  Some of them were the same but this was a very unusual house that the wolf had never seen this house in THIS town.  He thought that maybe they just moved into the town and just built this house.

Then the wolf knocked on the door to the house and…  there was a plump pig.  Although the wolf had remembered the thing he had said earlier about trying to be polite to the people in the houses, he did not know that this pig in particular was very smart.  Then the pig opened the door and said,”Welcome, what would you like fellow?”  So the wolf answered,”I would like to know if you have anything to do with food that has been taken from someone.”  Then the pig said,”In fact I do I don’t know very much about it so you might want to ask my brother down the street.”  Then the wolf got very angry because for sure he thought that he had gone to the right house because they seemed to be new and that probably means that they couldn’t find food, so they would try to get it from someone else.  He got so angry that he blew over the house but he did not know that the pig had actually two other brothers not just one and he had already went to the third brother’s house to get away and hide.  

So the wolf walked on and he went down the street to the other house that the pig had said that is where his brother lives and that he knows a little bit more about the stealing of the food.  Then the wolf walked up to the door of the house and this house was made of jump ropes.  Then the wolf knocked on the door and then the pig at that house came out and he opened the door and asked,”Welcome what would you like?”  Then the wolf answered more rudely than the first time,”I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHAT YOU TOOK FROM MY STACK OF FOOD!!!”  This pig was also very smart so he left and he acted like he was really scared and that is why he went away to the third house where his other brother lived that the wolf did not know about.  Then more strong than ever the wolf blew the whole house down!!!  

Since the wolf was so mad know, he walked, more like stomped down the street to try and find someone else who had taken his food.  He found this one house that was made of pure concrete!  The wolf pounded on the door with SO MUCH ANGER!  The three piggies answered the door and the wolf said “ONE OF YOU STOLE MY FOOD!”  But you know how smart those piggies are so they gathered with each other and had a horrible idea.  They locked the house so the wolf couldn’t get in.  So the wolf said “What are you doing in there!” with anger.  So he PUFFED and he HUFFED and he tried to blow the house down.  He kept blowing, but nothing happened.  The wolf said “What is wrong with me, I can’t blow the house down”.  So he climbed up the house to the chimney where the pigs put a big pot full of boiling water.  The wolf said “I’m coming for you little pigs!”.  So the wolf jumped down the chimney and screamed “OOOWWW”!  The 3 little piggies laughed and laughed till they fell to the ground!  Those 3 little piggies lived happily ever after in their concrete home and there was no more wolves that came to their house.


The End!


May 19

Abandoned Amusement Park

Abandoned Amusement Park

By Katie and Elise

Once upon a time there was a boy named Sam.  He loved to explore hidden places.  So one night he thought that he would try to see places that he couldn’t find in the light but he knew it might be S~C~A~R~Y!!!  Anyway, he went WITHOUT telling his parents!

When he was about halfway through his driveway, Sam fell into a whole that had just opened up in the ground and screamed the whole way down.  Just then he had regretted for going outside on a week before Halloween, not telling his parents and it was Midnight!

Suddenly, Sam heard a low, long and deep voice welcome him.  Sam could not look so he kept his eyes closed while that voice was calling but then he realized that he should probably look for who was calling, because first of all, he could explore and second of all, someone could just come and take him if he wasn’t opening his eyes and paying attention.  

So, Sam decided to open his eyes and right when he did that, he saw an army of skeletons welcoming him and pushing him forward into this creepy place.  Then they led him to a fair stand and then through some curtains and at that moment Sam SCREAMED as loud as he could because of what he was seeing.  Now, he REALLY wished had just stayed home instead of trying to explore at night.

From what Sam saw he thought it looked kind of like a huge amusement park but especially abandoned.  Sam knew something though, at night why would there be an underground amusement park… especially with SKELETONS!

Then the skeletons who had brought him here led him to a stand and there was another skeleton said,”Hey people person, want some FRENCH FRIES with a side-a-spooky sauce?!  Hey?”

Sam, didn’t know if he should speak back or not so he just nodded his head NO so the skeletons led him onto this huge roller coaster that had bones and was broken at the end with rickety, wooden, tracks.  It had used to be called the -Lightning Run-

Suddenly, without choice the skeletons pushed Sam onto the ride and it started.  Sam couldn’t believe what was happening so he just decided to SCREAM as loud as he could once again and started yelling his parents’ name.   

 Once the ride started, it was lightning fast so, once they were at the end they all said goodbye and as quick as light, Sam was shot straight into his bed with no problem.

With that day on, Sam never EVER went out to explore at night again!