Hilarious Happy Holiday!!!

Hi everyone! I’m probably guessing that you already watched the video. Funny right? MLAE .  (MyLifeAsEva)  In my life, on christmas my family would unbox presents from “Santa” and then at lunch time, this year, everyone of my family members come over and we eat lunch, and then we would exchange gifts with each other.

The youngest ones are always the funniest ( I’m not so sure that “funniest” is even a word) They’re also the cutest. These are the little kids right now in my family: 1. My little naughty but very adorable, cousin honor. She’ll sit in a chair and watch a kid show, and when she hears the door open, she stands up, turns around and says “hi!’’ what’s so adorable is that she can’t really speak ”hi” fluently but close enough it’s so cute. Plus, she’s only 1 years old. 2. Aaro. Aaro is 4 years old and has a big imagination and loves playing with his cousins everyday. Also, he loves video games. And 3. Number 3 does not even have a name yet AND IS NOT EVEN BORN!!! Aka my future sister. When we get gifts, we love and appreciate our gifts. The gifts we love like, top most is our grandma and grandpa’s gifts. They are the best and we love them so so so 1,000,000x so much. Even if we hate it we fake it to make it. And oh, yeah we’re really good at faking.

Well, that’s my christmas and I hope you enjoyed hearing it. If your christmas is sort of similar to this, let me know in the comments. And Also in the comments, tell me what do you do on your christmas. Thanks! ~Milani

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  1. Hi Milani! I really like this post because the video is hilarious, and you are going to have a little sister soon! I know it’s after Christmas, but the video was fun to watch. I wish you added things you might have done last Christmas. I wonder if Eva has any Christmas traditions? Please come visit my blog and leave a comment! URL: http://blog.elanco.org/mullins203/
    Your Friend,

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