Soda Bottle Biographies

The students had a blast creating soda bottles to represent the biographies we read. After presenting them to the class we displayed them in the library for the rest of the school to see. What a fun way to show what we learned about some famous people!

November Book Report

Just a reminder that the non-fiction chip bag book report is due Tuesday, November 22. We will share them in class. each student has chosen a non-fiction book, and has been given some time to read them in class. Once the book is completed students will write facts from the book on “chips” that will be placed in a paper bag. The bag should be decorated to entice the reader to gobble up the facts. A short paragraph and book recommendation will be attached to the back of the bag. All the directions and materials came home a few weeks ago. Let Mrs. Lapp know if you have questions.

The Layers of the Earth

We had such a great time learning about the layers of the Earth and what can cause the land forms around us. The students did a fabulous job demonstrating their learning by creating a way to show the 3 layers of the Earth. The sky was the limit on this project and creativity was encouraged. Boy did they know my socks off! Such creative ideas! Projects will stay on display in our classroom until after Thanksgiving.

image1 image2 image3 image4 image5 image6

Mystery Book Reports

We had so much fun sharing our mystery puzzles with each other. The students did a great job making puzzles to illustrate the solution to the mystery story they read. These are now hanging in the hall and you can see them the week of conferences.

img_2774 img_2775 img_2776 img_2777

Giant Ants

We have finished out giant ants! Students had an awesome time calculating how big an ant would be if it was 100 times its normal size. Then they measured and made a giant ant to go with their calculations. Even more exciting…some may be coming home to your home!

img_2733 img_2734 img_2735 img_2736 img_2737 img_2738 img_2739 img_2740 img_2741 img_2742 img_2743 img_2732

October Book Report

Next week information will be coming home for the October book report. Each child should choose a mystery story to read during the month. Once the book is finished students will complete a mystery case file to summarize their book, this will be supplied by me. I will also be sending home a blank puzzle. On the puzzle students should illustrate the solution to the mystery they read. These puzzles will be shared in class on October 28th.