Fall Fun

It was a fun, fall day in Kindergarten.  We did a pumpkin investigation and then enjoyed hosting our Kindergarten friends from Mrs. Peters room to watch Spookly and learn a valuable lesson about friendship.

Learning about the season of FALL and other fun activities!

There is a buzz in the air about fall!  The kids are very excited about the fair, the falling leaves, and the new decorations in the classroom.

We are learning about the seasons.  To end our week of read-aloud’s about fall, we made a winter tree with our hand and then put on the colorful leaves with our fingers to change it into a FALL TREE!


Some other fun activities on the first day of fall:

We covered up our letter of the week, “s”  and sight words with SSSSSmarties  and Mrs. Betzner came to read aloud fall books to us!



Please look on the homework calendar to see what our letter of the week is!  We started with the letter Mm, then we learned Tt, and this week we will learn all about Aa!

When learning a new letter, students need to be able to:

  • Produce the letter sound
  • Hear the letter sound in different words:  Is it in the beginning of the word, middle of the word, or at the end of the word.
  • Form and write the letter (both capital and lowercase)
  • When I show them the print/letter, the student can tell me the name and the sound that letter makes.

Here is one FUN way we practiced Mm.  We covered Mm with MINI MARSHMALLOWS!  After that, we ate them!



Students also learned how to do centers this week!  Centers give student’s the opportunity to practice skills already taught and also allow the students to interact and make new friends!


Welcome to the graduating class of 2030!


Welcome Kindergartners!  What an awesome year to graduate……but we are only just beginning this journey!

I am looking forward to our parent and child visitation day tomorrow, Monday, August 28th.  When you come with your child you will be sent on a little scavenger hunt around the room.  You’ll also have plenty of time to speak with me and ask any last minute questions.  Also, be sure to bring your camera!  This is a great day for photos.  The kids will even be able to walk on a parked school bus and try out a seat!  Lastly, we will finish the visit with a read aloud.  I cannot wait to see you all!


What a fun day!  I was inspired by all of the creativity!  Once again, I had ambitious ideas about hand-crafting a pinned idea, but after attending LAX games and track meets, I ended up at Goodwill and scored an awesome t-shirt– complete with a cape!  It was quite a super morning and afternoon with all these “heroes”.

I forgot a class picture in the busyness of the morning.  Please do e-mail me a picture of your child if you have one!!  I will include it in a revised post.

 Our PM class.  Mrs. Kulp is a true Kindergarten-teacher hero!  She is such a wonderful help to me and the children each day!  We are grateful to have her on the Kindergarten team!


Spring Fun with Friends

On Tuesday, we decorated eggs and talked about how many things you can make with eggs.  On Wednesday, both classes decorated paper eggs and then hid them for our classmates in Mrs. Peter’s class.  We watched and cheered for each other as the opposite class hunted. Then we watched a movie, Peter Rabbit together.  We had read the book earlier in the week as we worked on retelling a familiar story.

AM Class

PM Class

It was so cute to see how excited they got to watch the other class hunt 🙂