January 5

Modified Schedules

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No Breakfast is served when there is a delay

NO ELK program on a delay day

1 Hour Delay

AM Class:  10:00 – 12:15

PM Class:  1:15 – 3:30

2 Hour Delay

AM Class:  11:00 – 12:45

PM Class:  1:45 – 3:30

3 Hour Delay

No Kindergarten Classes.

December 23

More Joyous Giving

Merry Christmas to my PM students and parents!  The kids were so excited for today!  They were happy to exchange gifts and then so many of them exchanged their own cards too!  They really care about each other and are like a little family!

party-1 party-2 party-3 party-4

December 23

The Gift of Giving

We had a WONDERFUL celebration before our Holiday break!  Merry Christmas AM class and families!!

I want to draw your attention to the kids faces as they watched their friends open gifts!!  It was so cute to watch them give each other presents….they have such big hearts and truly got into the season of giving!!

am-1 am-2 am-3 am-4


December 23

Gingerbread cookies

Each Kindergarten class enjoyed a variety of “retold” gingerbread man/baby/boy/friend stories.  We compared and contrasted them and then retold and sequenced the original.  After that, we decorated a cookie and also graphed which part we bit first!

It was so funny how offended the kids were at the end of the original story when the fox ate the gingerbread man….So it was fun to point out to them, after they ate their decorated cookies, that they were like the “fox” 🙂

cookies-1 cookies-2 cookies-3 cookies-5 cookies-6 cookies-7 cookies-8 cookies-9

We had a special visitor/helper in the afternoon class…..Miss Pat, my mom!  The kids enjoyed meeting her!

cookies-10 cookies-11 cookies-12 cookies-13 cookies-14 cookies-15


December 22

We made some new friends!

We partnered up with a fifth grade class.  They brought a holiday book to read to us, and we read a book to them!  Afterwards we played a game together!  Now we look to wave to them as we pass their class after music each week!

winter-3 winter-4 winter-5 winter-7 winter-9 winter-10 winter-11 winter-12 winter-13 winter-14


We have some awesome fifth grade students here at New Holland Elementary!  Mrs. Eberly thinks that some of them have a future in teaching!  They were all very kind and helpful!  We hope to get together again sometime to do computer buddies or math buddies!

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December 22

Pumpkin Fun

We learned about where and how pumpkins grow, what we can make from a pumpkin, and then we investigated a pumpkin.

Some thought it was fun.  Others thought it was gross.   And some even thought I was crazy for suggesting we dig out the seeds!  It was a great day to be in Kindergarten!

fall1 fall2 fall3 fall4 fall5 fall6 fall8 fall9 fall10 fall11 fall12 fall13 fall15 fall16 fall17 fall18 fall20 fall21 fall22 fall23 fall24 fall25  It is so much fun to teach these kids!

October 25

Fire Safety Presentation

The morning class enjoyed meeting our local Firefighters and seeing the truck!

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The PM class was just as interested and eager to learn from the Firefighters!

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THANK YOU TO ALL the volunteer firefighters for coming and teaching our students about fire safety!