December 5

Vocab Story

There was once a little kid named Johnny, he was a standard kid with standard grades. Although he had the idea to complete a foray on his classmate with water balloons. He always hated that classmate. He was expounding his plan to his friends when suddenly one of his contemptuous bullies hit him. The bully hit him so hard that he fell to the ground feeling nothing but pain. Johnny tried to tell teachers but they were all auspicious towards the bully. Johnny’s voice was quelled. Johnny’s mother was inquisitive and asked what happened; therefore, Johnny told her. His mother’s mouth gaped as he told her the story. His mother turned malignant towards the school and the bully and decided to join Johnny in his new quest to throw water balloons at the bully instead of his classmate. The plan went … well … not as expected. The end

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November 22

Vocab For TKaM

Assuage –

  • I was assuaged when I realised I wasn’t dying.
  • When I was got hurt I was assuaged when they told me I broke my leg.
  • Assuage is a synonym for relieve
  • Assuage is a synonym of mitigate

Taciturn –

  • My teacher asked me why I was taciturn
  • I was feeling very taciturn so I was talking a lot.
  • Taciturn is a synonym for quiet.
  • My friends were quite taciturn so I assumed someone died.

Repertoire –

  • My repertoire of songs I can play is quite vast.
  • My brother is quite good at being a repertoire.
  • I got a job as a dancer because of my vast repertoire.
  • We went to a concert and the repertoire was on a piece of paper.

Vapid –

  • My food was very vapid so I asked for a refund.
  • The event was very vapid so I decided to leave.
  • I loved talking to my friend it is always very vapid.
  • I prefer to not talk to very vapid people.

Mortification –

  • When my brother failed his test my family when through much mortification.
  • When I fell on the steps the mortification was amazing so I was happy.
  • I failed my test and had to deal with the mortification
  • Mortification is a synonym for shame and embarrassment.

Erratic –

  • John’s movement was very erratic so I knew exactly what he was going to do.
  • David was erratic today so I know I couldn’t depend on him.
  • My dog was acting extremely erratic I wonder what is wrong with him.
  • This event was odily erratic so I was shocked with surprise.
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October 1


The curtains rise on a small town in the 1980’s. The morning was filled with crisp cold air, and the smell of bacon and pancakes. The alarm of the police siren was deafening, as you slowly stubble into your slippers. You look through the curtains to see a obscure shadow figure that you think is the police car. Your stern landlord stomps down onto your floor and slams the door open. He asks you, “What did you do this time?”. You can’t quite see the landlord through the haze in your room. You start to remember last night when you were talking to your parents about how big of a disgrace you were. The landlord started to scrutinize you even more. You remember that your adolescence has held you back from growing into the adult. Then it hits you, you remember throwing water balloons at the landlords house and he called the cops. The water balloons were quite hefty, as you slowly carried them to the edge of the building where you threw them. You felt the cold chilling water of the balloons. To Be Continued….

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