November 22

Vocab For TKaM

Assuage –

  • I was assuaged when I realised I wasn’t dying.
  • When I was got hurt I was assuaged when they told me I broke my leg.
  • Assuage is a synonym for relieve
  • Assuage is a synonym of mitigate

Taciturn –

  • My teacher asked me why I was taciturn
  • I was feeling very taciturn so I was talking a lot.
  • Taciturn is a synonym for quiet.
  • My friends were quite taciturn so I assumed someone died.

Repertoire –

  • My repertoire of songs I can play is quite vast.
  • My brother is quite good at being a repertoire.
  • I got a job as a dancer because of my vast repertoire.
  • We went to a concert and the repertoire was on a piece of paper.

Vapid –

  • My food was very vapid so I asked for a refund.
  • The event was very vapid so I decided to leave.
  • I loved talking to my friend it is always very vapid.
  • I prefer to not talk to very vapid people.

Mortification –

  • When my brother failed his test my family when through much mortification.
  • When I fell on the steps the mortification was amazing so I was happy.
  • I failed my test and had to deal with the mortification
  • Mortification is a synonym for shame and embarrassment.

Erratic –

  • John’s movement was very erratic so I knew exactly what he was going to do.
  • David was erratic today so I know I couldn’t depend on him.
  • My dog was acting extremely erratic I wonder what is wrong with him.
  • This event was odily erratic so I was shocked with surprise.

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