October 29

SPOILER ALERT (Poem of the Last Moriarty)

Sherlock Holmes, the greatest detective of all time 

The world mourned when he was pronounced dead

His friend Watson faithfully documented his cases and published them for a dime

But he kept a secret in his head

Holmes is still alive, but few people know

A meeting was set between the British and Americans who came from afar

An actress comes to see Sherlock on a November morning through the snow

Lucy James is her name, and she wants to know who her parents are

Suddenly, Sherlock is in the thick of a swirl of mystery

All are connected and all must be solved

The stakes are high, with a long history

It seems he must defeat Moriarty once again, for his mastery is called

The violinist Rosario provides some clues

Moriarty is in fact dead, but his evil brother lives on

There are traitors in the government with much to lose

Stolen dynamite blows up a carriage that the prime minister rides on

The Germans are blackmailing, trying to grab power

 There are kidnappings, explosions, and guns

Finally, it comes to a climax in one perfect hour

The plot twists and turns like the river Thames runs

The secrets unfold

 Lucy James is the daughter of Sherlock and Rosario, a product of love

All is finally told

Peace descends like a dove.

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