The Good Times

To prepare for the next Performance Task, I am asking you to write a review on a vacation destination you have recently been on.  Your review can be either good or bad.  Please rate your experience, providing as many details as possible!  Persuade us to either visit your wonderful location or avoid it at all costs!

On February 15th, 2018  I left my home to go to Florida for the fourth time. This time I was heading to Naples, Florida to visit my mom-mom and pop-pop. My mom-mom and pop-pop go to Naples, Florida every year, and they love it! I love it too, there are so many things to do in Naples, Florida. There are boat rides to go seashell hunting on a island, and to see dolphins, there are water parks, there is the Naples Zoo, there are REALLY good restaurants, there are great hotels, lots of pools and so much more. On my trip I took a boat ride and went to the pool every day. It was amazing! The pools are always spotless, and it is really warm there too. I also went to the Naples Zoo.  There was bobcats, cheetahs, monkeys, penguins, lions and A LOT more. You could even feed the giraffes! When I went down it was always about 80 degrees! It was so much better than the almost 0 degree weather in Pennsylvania. Not to mention it was beautiful… there was beautiful flowers and palm trees. It is great for adults, and kids of any age.  I would very much recommend taking a trip to Naples, Florida. You will absolutely, 100%, positively have the best time of your life.

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  1. First of all thanks for commenting on my blog! I LOVED Florida it was one of the best trips I have EVEr been on. Thank you so much. Happy Blogging!

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