November Thanks

Who else loves their family? They are so nice they buy you food, they are their for you when you need them ,and more that I can’t even think of right now. Come one, yes you guys get into arguments,and you guys probably fight,but you love right I am sure you do. And some more than others, but you still need to be nice to them and live with them. My goal is for you to be as greatful and nice to your family.

3 thoughts on “November Thanks

  1. Hey reagan!

    So your blog post “November Thanks “is really awesome one. I like how you start of with a question. It’s like asking the reader . “Who else loves their family”? Which is a good question. Although I wish that at the end of your blog post that maybe instead of the words “can’t think of right now”. Maybe you could put “etc”. But overall I think that you blog post was a really nice one!

  2. I am also thankful for family because a lot of kids are orphans and do where sepeated from their parents are their parents where killed. So I agree with you that we should be thankful for family.

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