If I Was A Snowflake…


  1. Hi, Maggie! I really liked how you said about the temperature, though I wish you would’ve included the water evaporating. Are you ever going to write more of it?
    See you later,
    P.S. It would be nice of you to please check out my thoughts (it’s worth it)… blog.elanco.org/stern338/

    • Hello, Summer!
      Thank you for commenting on my blog! Hopefully, I’ll get around to writing more of this story. I’ll be over to read your thoughts! Thanks!

  2. Hey Maggie it’s Courtney! I like how you said what the temperature was. I wish the story would’ve been a little bit longer. I wonder what happened when they fell? Please come to my blog hopefully it’s good: http://blog.elanco.org/reicha283/
    Thanks and have a nice day! 😉

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