Black Bear Vally Part 6 By:Ash and Lily

Black Bear Valley part 6

Characters:Rania,Denis,Sue,Will,Mac,Meg,Ma,Pa,Gregory,Se-gray,and sam

Narrator:last we started of Sue was going to meet Meg’s mom.

Sue: hi you must be Laura Meg’s mom

Ma:Yep and you must be Sue Rania’s mom

Sue:yep Thats me.

Meg:Ma…. Ma Pa needs you!

Ma:I’m coming

Narrator: Ma walks down the hill to find Pa

Pa:Dark clouds are coming you know what this means


Pa:Winters here and it’s going to take too long to get their house up

Ma:Uh oh

Sue:What will We do if we can’t put up our house?

Ma:You can stay with us.

Sue: thank you Laura

Pa: Get everything inside our house before it all gets wet from the snow

Narrator: They got everything inside before the snow would start

Ma:Me,Pa,Gregory,Sue,Denis’ and Will have to go hunt and get some food before the storm arrives so watch over each other Meg and Rania and DON’T GO OUTSIDE!

Meg and Rania: Ok

Narrator:They go out to hunt and gather fruits and Meg Mac Sue and Segray stay inside.  It starts raining.  Just then Meg remembers something.

Meg:We forgot about the firewood!

Rania:Where did you put it!

Meg: Outside in the snow!!

Rania:We need to get it.

Meg:But Ma said not too


Meg: Ok

Narrator:they went out and got all the wood while the storm was still going.  Then they heard a soft mewing sound.

Meg: What’s that?


Meg: who’s Sam?


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  4. You did a wonderful job on your play it was funny and also had detail to and I like how you put every line as a different Pearson and the Pearson that I liked the most is rina and I hope you like my post and I loved you play

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