Behind The Scenes Of Black Bear Valley

Have you read Black Bear Valley stories on my blog?  These stories are about a girl named Meg who lives with a wonderful family and has a little dog named Mac.  Here is the story collection I made Black Bear Vally Part 6 By:Ash and Lily  Black Bear Valley Part 5  Black Bear Valley Part 4  Black Bear valley part 3: By Lily and Ash. Black bear valley part Two By: Lily and Ash  STBC Week 5: The Story Black Bear Valley Part One By: Lily and Ash .  They are family fun plays to act out any time you need to have some fun.  They are great on rainy days and great on snowy days to.  These stories whereactually based on The Little House On The Prairie  a fun book about Laura Ingalls Wilder  life on the prairie.  These books are closely related except they have different characters and one is written in play from.  I love these books and I though I could do some close to those so I created Black Bear Valley.  Why do I call it Black Bear Valley you say?  Well later in the book Meg goes camping and she sees a black bear family.  I don’t want to spoil the rest. where did you get this idea you say?  Well it is really weird how I came up with this.  I actually found the idea when I was doing homework.  It said to write a small play about early settlers so I started to write about that.  That’s when I got the idea.  A special shout out to all who comment on my Black Bear Valley Posts!  Thanks.  Bye.


Spectacled Bear of Zoological Gardens : メガネグマ(よこはま動物園ズーラシア) Toshihiro Gamo via Compfight

Black Bear Vally Part 6 By:Ash and Lily

Black Bear Valley part 6

Characters:Rania,Denis,Sue,Will,Mac,Meg,Ma,Pa,Gregory,Se-gray,and sam

Narrator:last we started of Sue was going to meet Meg’s mom.

Sue: hi you must be Laura Meg’s mom

Ma:Yep and you must be Sue Rania’s mom

Sue:yep Thats me.

Meg:Ma…. Ma Pa needs you!

Ma:I’m coming

Narrator: Ma walks down the hill to find Pa

Pa:Dark clouds are coming you know what this means


Pa:Winters here and it’s going to take too long to get their house up

Ma:Uh oh

Sue:What will We do if we can’t put up our house?

Ma:You can stay with us.

Sue: thank you Laura

Pa: Get everything inside our house before it all gets wet from the snow

Narrator: They got everything inside before the snow would start

Ma:Me,Pa,Gregory,Sue,Denis’ and Will have to go hunt and get some food before the storm arrives so watch over each other Meg and Rania and DON’T GO OUTSIDE!

Meg and Rania: Ok

Narrator:They go out to hunt and gather fruits and Meg Mac Sue and Segray stay inside.  It starts raining.  Just then Meg remembers something.

Meg:We forgot about the firewood!

Rania:Where did you put it!

Meg: Outside in the snow!!

Rania:We need to get it.

Meg:But Ma said not too


Meg: Ok

Narrator:they went out and got all the wood while the storm was still going.  Then they heard a soft mewing sound.

Meg: What’s that?


Meg: who’s Sam?


Black Bear Valley Part 5

Black Bear Valley part 5

             Characters: Raina , her dad Denis, her brother Will ,and her mom Sue Sue,Gregory,Ma,Pa,Meg,Mac,Segray.

Narrator:as we last left of Meg went to bed.

Narrator: Meg wakes up.

Meg:Yawwwn good morning Mac.


Narrator:Meg hears a horse neighing.

Meg:It must be the new neighbors.

Narrator:Meg gets dressed and runs down the stairs.

Ma:Hi Meg.

Meg: Where’s Pa?

Ma:Building the house for our neighbors.

Meg:I’m going out to see by

Ma:(she stands in front of the door)Not until you eat you breakfast missy.


Narrator:Meg eats breakfast quickly then gets on her coat and shoes and walks outside.  Raina walks up to her.

Raina:you must be Meg!

Meg:You must be Raina!

Raina: How old are you?


Raina:I’m 14 too!

Will: Sis! Where are you?

Raina: I’m over here!

Will:Dad needs your help to bring some stuff out of the wagon.

Raina:Ok brother.

Narrator:Raina goes to help her dad out.

Denis:There you are sweet pea!

Raina:Hi dad.

Narrator:All of a sudden they hear something!


Raina and Denis:What’s that sound?

Gregory: That’s Segray!


Raina:He’s pretty.

Gregory: Yes he is.

Sue:There you are Raina I was calling for you to help me!

Raina: Mom this is Meg our new neighbor!

Sue:Hello Meg where is your mom I would like to talk to her.

Meg: Up on the hill over there.

Sue:Ok thank you


Sing With Me Easter Poem

He’s Alive..  He’s Alive..Jesus is Alive..( repeat 1 time) Tell the world.. Tell the world… jesus is alive…..(repeat 1 time)  God gave his 1 and only son…(repeat once)To take away our sin(repeat once)….He died on the cross for us….(repeat once)And he rose up again….(repeat once)He’s alive He’s alive..jesus is alive(Repeat once)…tell the world….tell the world jesus is alive……(repeat once)He didn’t stay down in the grave…. he came back and rose again….He didn’t stay down in that grave …..he came back and rose again….(start clapping)He didn’t stay down in that grave….He came back and rose again….(stomp)He didn’t stay down in that grave….he came back and rose again…..He’s alive….. He’s alive…. He’s aliiiive