VR in Egypt !!!


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Egypt is cool.  I want to go to Egypt my self!  I got to see Egypt in VR.  There are many pyramids in Egypt and there is one great big Spinx!  I Think VR is awesome!

Black bear Valley part 5


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Black Bear Valley part 5

             Characters: Raina , her dad Denis, her sister , her brother Will ,and her mom Sue,Gregory,Ma,Pa,Meg,Mac,Segray.

Narrator:as we last left of Meg went to bed.

Narrator: Meg wakes up.

Meg:Yawwwn good morning Mac.


Narrator:Meg hears a horse neighing.

Meg:It must be the new neighbors.

Narrator:Meg gets dressed and runs down the stairs.

Ma:Hi Meg.

Meg: Where’s Pa?

Ma:Building the house for our neighbors.

Meg:I’m going out to see by

Ma:(she stands in front of the door)Not until you eat you breakfast missy.


Narrator:Meg eats breakfast quickly then gets on her coat and shoes and walks outside.  Raina walks up to her.

Raina:you must be Meg!

Meg:You must be Raina!

Raina: How old are you?


Raina:Im 7 too!

Will:Sis! Where are you?

Raina: I’m over here!

Will:Dad needs your help to bring some stuff out of the wagon.

Raina:Ok brother.

Narrator:Raina goes to help her dad out.

Denis:There you are sweet pea!

Raina:Hi dad.

Narrator:All of a sudden they hear something!


Raina and Denis:What’s that sound.

Gregory:Thats Seagray!


Raina:He’s pretty.

Gregory:Yes he is.

Sue:There you are Rania I was calling for you to help me!

Raina: Mommy this is Meg our new neighbor!

Sue:Hello Meg were is you mom I would like to talk to her.

Meg:Up the hill over there.

Sue:Ok thank you

Meg:You’re welcome

Black Bear Valley Part 4


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Part 4

Characters: Meg, Mac, Segray, Ma, Pa,and Gregory

Setting: in the little town of black bear valley and when we  last left off everybody was going to eat lunch.

Ma: Let’s go home and we’ll eat there.

Meg: Ok.

Narrator: Everybody walks home.

Meg: Brrrr it’s cold.

Ma: It’s the end of the fall season now it’s going to be winter.

Pa: We’d better be buying some new coats because our old ones don’t warm us as much as fur does.

Ma: Yes we should.

Gregory: You don’t need to buy any coats because I’ve got wolf fur coats at my home you could use.

 Meg: What about you make little vests for Mac and Segray?

Gregory: I guess I could try!

Ma: Meg I need tell you something exciting!


Ma:We are going to get new neighbors!

Meg: who are they!

Ma:Raina she’s your age,Will the older brother he’s is 11,Denis the dad which he is 35,and Sue she’s 24.

Meg:when will we meet them.



Ma:Pa is going to help them build their new home.

Gregory: I’ll help too!

Meg: Ma can you and me help too?

Ma: yes you will help move some things into their new home

Meg: How far away will they live?

Ma:Just across the river.

Meg:we will have to build a bridge!


Narrator: They got home and everybody sat down.

Meg: Look Ma!


Meg: It’s the first snowfall.

Ma:yes it is and that means it’s time to go to bed!

Meg:Awwwwwwww ok i’ll go to bed ):

Narrator: Meg brushes her teeth then snuggles up in her covers. Then She falls asleep.


Narrator:Then Mac jumps up on her and falls asleep.



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A 2.6 E 2.2 I 1.8 M 1.4 O 1.0 S 6 W      2
B 2.5 F 2.1 J 1.7 N 1.3 P 9 T 5 X       1
C 2.4 G 2.0 K 1.6 O 1.2 Q 8 U 4 Y        0
D 2.3 H 1.9 L 1.5 P 1.1 R 7 V 3 Z       0.0


If you can read these next messages comment and tell me what it says!


How do all the oceans say hello to each other?

51.92.20 22.632.2!  


What do you call a pig that knows karate?

2.6 91.071.6!


What animal needs to wear a wig?



What stays in it’s corner but goes around the world?

2.6 652.61.41.1!

What are the strongest creatures in the ocean


World war 2 AHHHHHHH


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I got to see world war II.  it was scary.  I don’t wan’t to go back to that time and see all the destruction again.  It was so cool to see the Navajo code talkers in VR.  Would you want to be in world war 2

Anne Frank-A famous kid


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  Have you ever wanted to be famous when you were a kid!  Anne Frank was Famous!  Anne Frank is a 13 year old girl.  She was famous for her diary.  Her diary was very well written.  Her diary was published to public and that’s how she became very famous.


 Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929.  She was born in Frankfurt Germany.  Her Father was Otto Frank and her Mother was Edith Frank.  Her older sister was Margot Frank.  When she was older she loved writing so on her 12th birthday she got a diary from her parents.  She named it kitty.  In 1933 the Germany Nazizs started to rule the Jews.  One day Anne and her family got a note saying Anne’s older sister had to go to a Jewish camp.  After that day anne and her family went into hiding.  They went to a secret Annex and hid there.  Other families joined in the annex because they were jews.  She got food and water and clothes from the kind outsiders.  But on day Anne and the other people living with her where caught.  Anne went to a Jewish camp.  She caught typhus and died at age 16 on the year 1945.


 Her major accomplishment was her diary.  Otto Frank survived and found Anne Frank’s diary.  He published it as a book for the whole world to see.  Many people know about Anne Frank because of her diary.  Her Diary was well written.


 Today many people know about Anne Frank and her Diary.  She is very Famous and she was just a kid.  Sometimes little people can make big changes in the world.


 The websites I used where   





Martin Luther King Jr’s speech


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My teacher asked me to explain why I think Martin Luther King Jr gave his famous speech near the Lincoln Memorial.  Martin Luther King Jr gave his famous speech near the Lincoln Memorial Because he was showing the people that this guy over here started to stop segregation and we need to keep trying to stop it! The speech was about the things that still need to stop in segregation like African Americans should be allowed to sit where they want on a bus and not have to give it up to a white people. That all kids (no matter their color’ size’ shape’ or their personality) can all go to school together.This was some reasons why I think  Martin Luther King Jr gave his famous speech near the Lincoln Memorial.  

Brazil Brazil Brazilian


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WOAHLER skate!


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Have you ever gone roller skating?  I have always wanted to go roller skating!  It gets you to places swifter and you don’t have to pick up your feet to do it.    This is three reasons why I want to roller skates.


I want to roller skate because I have heard it’s very enjoyable.  You can learn to do some cool tricks in roller skates. You can  spin round and round.  You can make big jump if you skate fast enough.     

I want to roller skate because you can go very fast.   If I mistimed the bus I could put on my skates and skate very swiftly to school. You can play tag in these.  They are great for running and chasing because they are  very fast.


I want to roller skate because I could run away when i’m in trouble.   I could run away from my bothersome brother outside.  I could run away from ungenerous bullies.  I could run away from my mom when I get in trouble.


I think roller skating could be very fun.  It’s a very good way to get around and you never have to pedal like you do on a bike.  It’s much simpler to do.  This was three reasons why I want to try roller skating. (:




Black Bear valley part 3: By Lily and Ash.


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Part 3

Characters: Ma, Pa, Meg, Mac, Gregory, and Segray.

Setting:in the damp wet forest and in the valley with many flowers.


Narrator: As we last left of Meg and Mac got lost in a forest.  They also meet Gregory the hunter.  This is where we left off.

Gregory: You can stay here until we find your parents.

Meg: Ok

Narrator: Meg and Mac ate dinner. Next they went to bed.

Meg: Yawn.

Mac: arf

Meg: mornin’ gregory and mac.

Narrator: All of a sudden they hear a screech from the door.

Meg: Hi Gregory.

Gregory: Hi Meg

Narrator: All of the sudden they see a grey figure standing on his arm.

Mac: grr.

Gregory: Don’t be afraid Mac this is my pet Segray the eagle.

Meg: his feathers are  very soft.

Gregory: I know.

Meg: how did you find him.

Gregory: well that’s a long story.

Meg: oh please tell me.

Gregory: ok.

Meg: yay!!!!!!!

Gregory: I was out hunting when I heard a caw caw.  It was a baby eagle chick and it was stuck in my wolf trap!  It was a very windy so I think it got blown out of its nest far away from its mother.  So I got the baby eagle out of the trap and took him home.  I bandaged his leg and showed him how to hunt and fly.  His leg is so  to broken that he can’t live in the wild so he helps me hunt and sticks around me.

Meg: Why did you name him Segray?

Gregory:  I named him that because one day I went to the beach and he loved to fish in the sea and loves the water.  He was also grey so I named him Segray.

Mac: arf arf arf.

Meg: I think Mac wants to be friends with Segray .

Segray: Caw Caw Caw.

Gregory:  I think Segray wants to be friends with Mac too.

Meg: Can you tell me one other story!

Gregory: Ok.

Meg: yay!!!!

Gregory: Once upon time there lived a princess named Ella.  She was the daughter of the Elf Queen Elizabeth.  She had a wonderful home in the forest of  shadows.  She was a very happy Elf until one day  her town was attacked by orks.


Gregory: Her mother and father pack her some clothing, food, water, and some blankets.  Ella grabbed the doll her family made for her.  Elizabeth said, “Ella you need to get out of this place.  Take my horse Brave and ride far away from here” Mama says. “No Mama I love you too much.”  Ella said.  “Go my darling and take this with you.” Elisabeth hands her great grandpas bow and arrow and fathers shield to her.  “Now ride away my Darling.” Elizabeth says.

Gregory: We’ll finish tomorrow, now we need to eat supper then get to bed. Yawn.


Gregory: You need your sleep.

Meg: Fine ):  

Mac: Arf.

Narrator: Meg enjoys a nice turkey stew and after that she gets a good night sleep.


Narrator: The next morning Meg wakes up and smells a wonderful smell.

Meg: MMMM that smells good.

Gregory: come outside I have a surprise for you.

Narrator: Meg walks out to see a wonderful breakfast before her.  

Gregory: There is blueberries, toast, milk, and honey.

Meg: How did you get the milk?

Gregory: Oh at a store named jelly+jam breakfast foods.

Meg: wait I know that place.

Gregory: I’ll take you there after breakfast.

Meg: ok.

Narrator: They eat breakfast then Gregory takes her there.  While there walking Meg asks something.

Meg: Will you tell me the rest of the story.

Gregory: ok

Meg: Yay!!!!

Gregory: Ella gets the saddle on Brave grabs her sack and rode away.  Once she was far away she knew her village was burnt.  She started a new colony with the people how escaped and she became the Elf Queen.  The End.

Meg: Fun story.

Gregory: Here we are this is the store.

Narrator: as Meg walks in the door to people that she recognizes  turns around.

Ma and Pa: Meg and Mac we found you!!!!

Meg: Ma, Pa!!!(she hugs them)

Mac: Arf.

Ma: let’s go home.

Meg: Wait I want you to meet my friend Gregory!\

Ma: Gregory?

Gregory: Laura!!

Narrator:  They run up and hug each other.

Meg: you know him?

Ma: he is my long lost cousin.

Meg: can he live with us.

Ma: shure.


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