Reading Olimpics 2019

Hi im Lily and im going to talk about reading olimpics. Reading olimpics is as you guessed it for readers. Any kid 4rth through 12th can pratacitpate. There are 3 lists middle school ,high school,and elementry. What is the reading olimpics? Well some school pratcicipate in this activity. You have to read most of the books on you list cause this is a compitition. You get put into groups and you have to read the books on this list. I am a middle schooler and im compeating for the party at the end. Only 15 students get to celebrate at the end of the year. So if i want to get there I must read lots of books. How do you win this? Well you must answer questions at the end of the year about thease books. They are NOT multible choise. They are like what color was the backpack so and so was wearing.  If you are intrested in reading thease books then go to

Any one can read thease even if they are not praticipateing.  On mondays I will be haveing a blog post time where we comment on this post and we say if we read it or not an we explain the book to other veiwers. I recomend thease books. Byez

Daliy Write

Hey hey hey it,s me LilyJB here to do some bloging. I have now started something called the daily write. This is how I will do it. I found this website with 365 writeing prompts.      I also found a random number genorator .    I put 365 into the random number genorator for the max number and I take a chance and scroll to whatever number it goes to.  Todays topic is mythical creatures. Here it is.

It was a pretty day. The sun was shineing and birds were chirping.  It was perfect. I thought what a better way to spend my day than take a hike through Heartbrook forest. Some said it was haunted. Others said it was magical. Of corse I didn,t belive them one bit (I abmit I kinda did). I loved this forest and always went hikeing on the trail that lead to the little town of Ember Hallow the one near my town called Hazle Moon.  Today I decided to take a diffrent route than what I normaly took.  All of a sudden when I turned a corner there was a pretty bright red covered bridge. I never saw the bridge before and I didn,t know of any streams around. I crossed anyway. I felt a shiver go down my spine. Something was wrong. Something was weird. Something was diffrent. I kept walking and I started to realize I was lost. I pulled out my phone and tried to pull out gps but there was no phone serveis out there. I sat down and pulled out my compass from my backpack. It was acting all wonky and it keept spinging. I put it away and looked at my watch. O0O oh no it was 7:00.  The sun started to set and I had to find shelter.  I crawled down under some pine branches and fell asleep. When I woke there where goblins on me. I screamed and ran home. I never ever went into the forest again.

Daily write2

Today its outcast. here we go. Oh and if you havent heared about this go to my first post daily write1.

Once upon a time there was an elephant. His name was branch. This wasnt any elephant. This elephant was born without a trunk. Because of losing his trunk due to his mother being sick while giving birth to him many other elephants and people at the zoo made fun of his trunk. “Hi STUMPY”some would say. Others would say “hahaha hog nose”. Branch hated to be misstreated. When he tryed to go play with the other kids they would beat him up. Evrey time it was feeding time his siblings would push him away. He was also the smallest in the group. His mother soon stopped caring for him and he had to leave the zoo. They put him in a trailer and drove away to his new home. He was given a new chance to live. He was put in a sacturary. He loved it so much better. He was feed each day and the others exepted him. He also loved his freind Josh he was the sactuary owner and evrey morning Josh came down to say hi. At the zoo the mom had been put down and the Baby elephants tusks were removed. So stumpy (I mean branch) lived hapily ever after. The end.

Daliy write3

Today is cute as a button. Here we go. Oh and if you havent heard about this read daily write 1.

I was so exited cause I was going to africa after I won a trip there. I was so exited to see all of the animals that I was letiraly jumping up and down in my seat on the plane. Oh I forgot. Hello im Dr Allison im 34 and I am an ethologist witch means I study animal behavior. Back to my storie. I was so exited to study the animals in africa. When I finaly got there it was night time so I had to wait till morning to studie some of the animals. That morning I ate breakfast and we started our journy. I was hot and sweaty but I knew it was worth it. Finaly we got to a clearing and I saw what we were looking for. There on one of the gum trees was a fluffy,seppy,and little koala. Finaly my chance to study it. It opened its soft big eyes and looked at us with curiosity. I smiled. “What an amazing animal” I thought. After awhile it got board of us and fell back asleep. This was what I had come for. I finaly got back on the plane to go home. I loved the trip.  

Guess the word (answer one)

1Name of fast food restraunt


2Name of fish

😇 +🐠=

3Name of food


4Name of makeup

💋 +🌳whats on a tree=

5Name of animal  scat

🐺 +💩=

6Name of animal nose


7Name of food


8Name of flower

☀ +🌼





My memories of Taco the wonder hampster

  This poem is made in memory of my amazing hamster Taco who I loved. She died cause I left her cage open and she escaped. She hasn’t had water in a week. This is the poem about my hamster.


She loved to play

Every day

She loved to hide

But she died

And now i’m sad

I’m mad

I’m sad

I let her go

Oh Oh Oh

I miss her everyday

I miss someone to play

Oh why did I let her go

I miss her toes

I miss her nose

I miss her little look

I miss reading her a book

But now she is dead

And i’m crying in bed

This is for her

The brighter



Farm frenzy






Farm frenzy


Noris the cow (girl)

Nut the squirrel (girl)

Cotton Candy the sheep (girl)  

Peanut the dog (girl)

You’re high the turtle (boy)

Pluck the roster (boy)

Tina the turkey (girl)

Salt the chick (girl)

Camer the calf (girl/boy)

Andy the alpaca (boy)

Gumby the goat (boy)

Haley the horse (girl)

Farid the frog (boy)

Fairy the fly (girl)

Pug the pig(boy)

Monkey the mouse(boy)  

Pepper the duckling (boy)


Farmers wife(girl)

Raven the tortoise (boy)

Lara the lama (girl)

Sam the skunk (boy)  

Ron the rabbit (boy)

Cookie the chipmunk (girl)

Narrator (girl/boy)


Narrator:It was a warm sunny day on the farm and the farmer was in bed as sick as ever.

Farmers wife: Here take this pill.


Narrator:Meanwhile back on the farm.

Pluck the rooster:(cock-a-doodle-do).

Noris the cow:(dramatic yawn) Good morning everyone

All animals other that the cow: Morning (more dramatic yawns and stretching)

Andy the alpaca:Where is the farmer?

Haley the horse: I’m not sure but he usually here at this time!

Camer the cow: And i’m getting hungry!

Sam the skunk:Hey guys how’s it doing?

All animals but skunk: AHHHH SKUNK

Sam the skunk: Calm down I took a bath yesterday.

Noris the cow: I’m thirsty and hot and these flies keep bothering me!

Fairy the fly: That’s what I do and you’re welcome.

Noris the cow:I don’t think i’m thanking you!

Lara the lama: Where is monkey the mouse?

Monkey the mouse: Down here!

Lara the lama: Could you go inside of the farmers house to see what’s taking so long?

Monkey the mouse: ok!

Narrator: 10 minutes later

Monkey the mouse: I THINK HE IS DEAD!!!(dramatic voice)


You’re high the turtle: And who will feed us lollipops!

Raven the tortoise: Do we even eat lollipops I thought we ate fish cosin.

You’re high the turtle: Oh yeah.

You’re high the turtle:PePe!

Nut the squirrel: What’s going on here?!?

Monkey them mouse: THE FARMER DIED!!!!

Nut the squirrel: WHAT! Sis get in here!!!

Cookie the chipmunk:WHAT WHAT!

Nut the squirrel:THE FARMER IS DEAD!

Cookie the chipmunk:WHAT?!? Who will take care of the nut trees we live in???

Gumby the goat: Who will feed me oats and hay?

Cotton candy the sheep: Hey what?

Gumby the goat: Hay like the stuff we eat!

Cotton candy the sheep: ooooooohhhhhh that makes sense!

Salt the chick: I hungry!

Pepper the duckling:Me too

Salt the chick and Pepper the duckling:WE WANT FOOD!!

Farid the frog: I don’t like the farmer he doesn’t help me in any way.

All other animals: (upset noises and looks) What!!

Tina the turkey: At least this means I won’t be dinner tonight.

Peanut the dog: Someone plz tell me what’s going on?

Monkey the mouse: THE FARMER DIED!!

Peanut the dog: What? Thats crazy, he just let me out the door to come check on you guys!

Pug the pig: (oink oink) really!!

Peanut:Yes!!! I telling the truth.

All other animals: OOOHHHHHH!

Narrator: And all the other animals found out that the farmer wasn’t dead. They danced to the hop song saying hip hip hooray! The end!