One day Liam woke up and went downstairs he ate some breakfast and then realized, it was thanksgiving he couldn’t wait until thanksgiving dinner. Then finally it was thanksgiving dinner he got his plate, napkin, spoon, and a fork. And sat down but then he thought WHAT WHERE IS THE THANKSGIVING TURKEY. His parents said oh we couldn’t find one so we thought we don’t need a turkey.

Then Liam stomped up the stairs and slammed the door sat on his bed and thought what he could do to get a good turkey. So he comes down runs outside and starts heading to the store. At the store all the turkeys were sold out so he went back into his room and kept thinking.

So Liam thought of a idea he went to find a turkey. He set up a trap and in a couple of minutes he got a turkey.Then he would go to the butcher. So he found a turkey (he didn’t know but the “turkey” was actually a rooster). He brought the rooster to the butcher and said can you slaughter my turkey the butcher said no this is not a turkey this is a rooster.  “Okay” he said[ he goes home goes up to his room.]

Liam has had enough of this no turkey stuff. He found out that everyone was supposed to be there in 2 hours.  He found the hunting gun got his older cousin went into the woods and sat there for 30 minutes and didn’t see a thing. So they moved to a different area they saw a whole group of turkeys. He lines up the shot right on the turkey’s head boom and he missed. It scared all of them away so they go home it is starting to get dark.  

There was an hour and a half what does he do now? He stops looking for turkeys and eats thanksgiving dinner without the turkey.  After all he realized that there was a place right down the road that had a ton of turkeys. So he felt even more annoyed and over all he felt stupid. It didn’t really matter though because his family still had a great thanksgiving EVEN WITHOUT A TURKEY.


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