Sweet Land Part 1 The Sweet Storm Arrives:Based on Cloudy And A Chance Of Meatballs

    Once upon a time at Sweetacoco Valley.There was a school called Kripy Elementary school .There was a teacher named Miss.Marsh and in her class she had 26 kids.Her best student was Smarty.He was the smartest.There school was made out of rice crispy treats.They were learning about the national sweet bell (NSB).

   And suddenly,ring ring the bell rang.School was done for the day.Gumball, Melly ,Cocoa,and Smarty gathered up to think to build something for there school project.Smarty said,”about a food machine”.”What should it do”?Melly said.”It should make it rain food and we will put it in the sky and and..”Smarty said.”Okay,we get it”Cocoa said.”Also can it be brown and white”?Cocoa said.”Yes”,Smarty and Melly said.”Lets start building’!,they all said positively.Beep,rrrrrrr,bump,bump,bump.Done,now lets activate it.”Wait right there,we need to wait until the science fair”Cocoa said.

  The next day,”Laddies and gentlemen, welcome to are 50th annual Science fair!”Said Miss Marsh.”Are first inventors is Gumball,Melly,Coca,and Smarty with there food machine”,said Miss Marsh.

 Smarty:This is the Food Machine 3000.

Gumball:You just need to pour Chocolate milk into the machine and type the food you want.

             Melly: Lets say I want doughnuts,Type it in and there you go

              Coca: Doughnuts for  everyone!

       Smarty,Gumball,Melly,Coca: Thank You


20 people later,”The winners of the annual 50th science fair is Smarty’s group,congratulations!Said Miss Marsh.


               To be continued…..  



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