!!!Christmas Tradition!!!

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  • We have a Christmas tradition where my dads’ side has Christmas on Christmas Eve. and my Moms’ side has Christmas on Christmas day. That way we aren’t all trying to fit in two families in one day.
  • We always go to Shady Maple and eat breakfast for Christmas. Afterwards we go over to my Nana’s house and stay there the whole day. That is usually for the parents to finish shopping or for them to wrap some presents. It could also be used for just some relaxation time for them.
  • While we are at my Nana’s house we bake cookies. Play some games with each other. Watch some movies that she has. Lastly, just chill out and play on our phones or Ipods.
  • When we go over to my Grandma’s house we always go in our PJ’s

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Come take our Suspicious Secrets Quiz!!!!

Come Take Our SS QUIZ!!

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Clarence the Lonely Cheeseburger!

There was a lonely cheeseburger named Clarence. Clarence was once in a restaurant and almost got eaten. It was so scary! He thought to himself, “PLEASE DON’T EAT! PLEASE!” Well little did Clarence know that he wanted to get eaten. This is the story of Clarence the lonely cheeseburger…

       Clarence thought to himself, “When are they going to get me out of this bag? I can’t see or smell anything but the rude french fries who think they’re better than me. UGH! How dare they think they are better than me? That’s obscure!” Then, the french fries started talking, “Hey you stupid cheeseburger guess what?” “What?” replied Clarence. “We’re the best thing since sliced bread,” the french fries all replied. Clarence started to cry a bit and didn’t want the french fries to see him. Then Clarence thought of a comeback, “Well at least I have sliced bread!” “NO you have a bun! NOT SLICED BREAD,” the french fries replied.

Finally the french fries went to sleep and the Clarence heard car doors opening. He knew he would finally get out of this bag and be eaten. Clarence was thinking, “I don’t want to get eaten! PLEASE DON’T EAT ME!” But, Clarence then thought this to himself, “Maybe I do want to be eaten? I would go to live a better life than I have now. I might even be able to find a cheesybuger (A girl cheeseburger)” He was so excited to get out of this bag. Smell fresh air and then, the worst thing happened. As he saw light from the top of the bag. He got picked up and THROWN IN THE TRASH CAN! He heard people talking as they closed the lid. “I can’t believe they don’t serve fries by themselves. What a waste! Like we would eat that disgusting cheeseburger.” Clarence felt horrible. He thought, “I’m glad I’m not by the fries anymore. They would tease me more than they did before. At least I have some peace and quiet to himself until Tuesday. When the trash gets picked up.” But still Clarence’s dream would come true and he would get to live a different life.


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!The Skills of Being A Veterinarian Technician!


There are multiple skills you need to have to become a veterinarian technician but, these are some of the ones I have…

  1.      Work Well With People: You have to assist veterinarians in examining animals to determine the nature of illnesses or injuries. These two traits are important because if you and the person doesn’t get along than you can risk the animal getting hurt or something to go wrong. Also, if you are talking to an owner and they said something that isn’t correct and they think they are. You have to be able to tell them in a nice tone, that they are wrong and explain why.
  2.       Hard Working: You have to be hard working to, assist people, maintaining animals, examining, educating the public, collecting specimens, etc. You have to be able to handle many jobs at once and be able to do those jobs right. You also need to go to school for about 2 years. So you must do good in all those classes before you can become a vet tech. You have to study and examine other people and pretend that’s going to be you. So you have to handle many jobs at once, and get them done efficiently.
  3.    Take Care of the Animals: You have to be able to clean and maintain the kennels, animal holding areas, examination or operating rooms, loading or unloading facilities to control the spread of disease. You have to do these things before and after animals arrive. You would also need to give check ups on the animals and give the medicine (upon the vets notice) You have to know how to do all these things in order to be considered taking care of the animals.

These are some of the things I can do right now to become a vet! I hope you guys enjoyed and I want you to leave a comment saying what your dream job is? I would love to know. (Also make sure to leave your blog URL or link so I can go and visit it) Bye!

?What Do I Want To Be?

?What Do I Want To Be?


      What do I want to be when I grow up: a veterinarian technician!

        Why: I want to be a veterinarian technician because, I want to help animals in need. I love animals and I can’t stand to see an animal that’s not healthy. A veterinarian technician is an assistant to an actual veterinarian. But, not to be confused with a veterinarian assistant. So here are the 3 different types of vets.

1. Veterinarian assistant: They mainly do the weighing, feeding, and taking the temperature of animals. Sometimes, they give medicine, nursing care, and cleaning out animals cages. All information from: Website!

2. Veterinarian technician: Draw blood, assist in surgeries, manage anesthesia, and also give medicine. They can do a lot more than that, really the only things they can’t do are make a diagnoses call, perform the surgery, and prescribe medicine. All information from: Website!

3. Veterinarians: They do a lot! They can do, diagnose animals, give medicine, help animals suffering, treats wounds, set fractures, do any type of surgery, helps the owners about caring for the animal, distract animals, provide care to help the animal in the future, provide X-rays, ultrasounds, blood, urine. etc. Website!

So that is what all three types of vets do. Also, why I want be a veterinarian technician. I don’t want to be the main person doing the surgeries. I want to help them do it but, just thinking about working in the animal is just weird to me. This is why and what I would be doing if I grew up and became a Veterinarian Technician. Post coming soon about being a Veterinarian Technician! So Stay Tuned!


The Camping Trip! (Gone Wrong) Part 2!


        So we drove to the other gas station. The only good part is that we had to go that way anyway. Also, we only had about 5 miles left in the gas tank when we got to the gas station. So we continued to drive when we went past a Walmart! We stopped because we realized we needed bug spray. When we were looking I saw this really cute and comfy sweatshirt and remembered I didn’t bring one. So we bought it and we got 2 things of bug spray. We were going to the car when my Dad didn’t see my sweatshirt anywhere. “Hey Brooklynn didn’t you get a sweatshirt,” He asked.  “Yeah. Why?” I asked in a confused way. “Because I don’t see it in one of these bags,” My Dad replied. Turns out we left it in the store. So me and my Mom went back to go and find it. We found it and got in the car. We were on our way to the campsite. It was only 1 hour away. YES! “Alright guys we only have to be together for another hour and we’re at the campsite!” my Mom said.

           All of us were tired and we needed to sleep. Me and my brother dozed off and our parents woke us both up. I woke up and said, “Are we here?” My Brother said, “I’m hungry!” so we both were complaining. “Well we aren’t there yet but, we are getting food,” My Dad replied. “I’ll take it,” I said back. We were at a Red Robin. We went in and ate. Talked about everything else and what we are going to do at the campsite. When we were done we got back in the car and went off. My Brother and I slept for 30 minutes so we only had about 30 minutes to go. I fell asleep to videos on my laptop.

           My parents woke me up again and said, “WE’RE HERE!”  “FINALLY,” I replied. I didn’t think we forgot anything and we did a triple check when we left the house the SECOND time.

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?Why Is This Still Happening?


          In 2015 it was estimated that about 13.5% of people in America is in poverty. That is about 43.1 million people who live in the United States. Luckily, last year the amount of people went down. It was now at 12.3% of Americans were in poverty, that’s about 39.7 million people. Yes, that is still a lot but, it went down from 2015. The goal is to have no one, no matter what they look like, no one is in poverty. Here are 10 ways that we can help to cut poverty:

  1. Create More Jobs
  2. Raise the Minimum Wage
  3. Increase the Earned Income Tax Credit for Childless Workers
  4. Support Pay Equality
  5. Provide Paid Leave and Paid Sick Days
  6. Establish Work Schedules That Work
  7. Invest in Affordable, High-Quality Childcare and Early Education
  8. Expand Medicaid
  9. Reform the Criminal Justice System and Enact Policies that Support Successful Re-entry
  10. Do No Harm

These are lots of ways that we can cut down poverty. We have tried all these things but people need to know and help on how to stop poverty, and why it’s important. So please help stop poverty. Just by signing up you can help someone in need. If you would like to help please go to: Global Goals!

Deforestation! *NEW*

Deforestation *NEW*

Deforestation Picture

So, I already made a deforestation article a little under 2 years ago and I want to bring it back and revise it. I’m going to make it more relevant to people and what is still happening. If you want to go and check out my other deforestation article here is the link: Deforestation. Let get into it, shall we?

           Look at the picture above, this is what deforestation actually looks like. It messy everywhere and no greens ANYWHERE! It used to look beautiful but now, it looks like this. We seriously need to help. To learn more continue reading…

                 Scientist or experts have estimated that about 500,000 square miles or 1.3 million square kilometers of land is deforested every 10 years! That is 50,000 square miles or 130,000 square kilometers is cut down each year! That’s crazy to think. Also about 36 American football fields are cut down each minute. Where most of this is happening is in more tropical areas like rain forests. Lots of deforestation can not be fixed and is VERY permanent. There may be some forest that can grow back, but most can’t which is why this is a HUGE problem.

        Another thing is deforestation causes is global warming. When they would burn all the trees it causes all that carbon dioxide into the air and pollutes it. It can also lead to erosion if the forest is on a steep hill. If something falls it can pick up more and more dirt, tearing it up from the ground. It is also making less and less oxygen for us. Plants and trees help carbon dioxide get turned back into oxygen. So, we need plants to help us survive.

The last thing is very important. How do people not think of this when they are cutting the trees down. They are taking homes away from animals and making them have to go and find new places to live. Think about it, your house or home just gets pushed and pushed by a bulldozer and you can’t do anything about it. This happens while you are eating a family dinner at the kitchen table. That’s what is is like for animals when we cut down trees, we cut down their homes that they live in. Many people think well they can go find a new place to live. Well that may not be the case, if we cut down a whole entire forest they will have to go a long way to find a new one. They then have to adapt and try to find more food. People don’t usually think that it is that extreme, but it is.

I hope you guys liked this article! Please try to help deforestation it really is serious. If you want to help please go to: Global Goals! And help. (It’s free) There are also so many websites that you can go to and help donate money for.

???Do We Need To Help???

             So this is Global Goal~#3 Good health and well-being. In this I will explain what the goal means and why it’s SUPER important.

        The goal means that everyone in the world, rich or poor, old or young, EVERYONE gets good health care and are being taken care of nicely. It also means to have everyone be healthy and stay healthy all the time. So more than 3 million people die each year due to a sickness. AND about 1.5 million of these deaths are children who are less than 5 years old. That means, many people and many children die from being sick. So, this is why WE need to help and why it’s important.

         The questions I have are, Is there any free hospitals in the world? The answer is no, there are no FREE hospitals in the world. That was really one of my only questions but, if you have questions leave a comment below and maybe I’ll go and make another post on answering your questions.

         I hope you enjoyed reading my article. Like I said if you have questions about ANY of the global goals PLEASE leave a comment below. Also, if you have any other story ideas please leave them below as well. Here is my two websites that I used for getting my information  2. Also if you want to know all the global goals go to: Global Goals!

?Why Does Life On Land Matter?

         I think Life On Land is important because, WE LIVE ON LAND! We are apart of the life on land community. So if we live on land and we are also destroying land then, we are putting one: ourselves in danger. And two: Animals, and plants are in danger. So we need to stop this NOW.

Now you may be wondering, “Well what are we doing that is causing this” and my answer to that is… deforestation. If you don’t know what deforestation is it is us cutting down trees and ruining animals and plants habitats. I have a more in depth post about deforestation if you want to check it out here’s the link: Deforestation.  So that is basically the big one. I mean we are cutting down trees which one we need to breath, and have clean air and trees and plants help us do that. So us cutting them down just is ruining it for all of us. We are also hunting animals for meat and for their value. Some animals help us make clothing, art, medicines, trading, and lots of other things.  So these are all the problem that we do that CAN and DOES affect the world we live in.

So we need to stop this now. We need to stick up for Life On Land. And finally we can have clean air, and amazing habitats for us, animals, and plants. So please help and go to Global Goals! We need to stop this now and start helping!