My favorite part of D.C.

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       My favorite part of D.C. was the museums. I liked the museums because it gave me a lot of information about america’s pop culture and other things like the first ladies dresses and another gave me facts about the science of Earth. Like I got to learn how gems were formed and how the humans skull progressed to look like what it is now. Another reason I liked the museums is because it gave me the actually thing that I was learning about. Like if I was learning about whales it showed me the actual part of the whale instead of a picture. That is why I liked the museums the most on the D.C. trip.

To Recycle or To not Recycle

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I feel that recycling is not a good thing. When we recycle we are putting more harmful chemicals into the air than if we just put it in the trash. The author of PRO/CON: Should we throw away the recycling program? states, “Recycling 1 ton of paper or aluminum cans, the agency says, can save about 3 tons of carbon dioxide emissions over producing new materials. Carbon dioxide, a gas, is produced during the recycling process and can lead to climate change. A ton equals 2,000 pounds.”. So when we recycle we are harming the environment and we are also contributing to climate change.

How I can Help my community

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Did you know that you could change your community just is the next eight hours!

In eight hours I could  go to a homeless shelter and help cook or donate old clothes. I could also go to the local pantreat and donate some canned food. Also I could plant more trees and plants so we could have cleaner air in the future. In eight days I could go around town and help the local elderly homes and help the staff and I could help out with the animal shelter. In eight months I  could go to the mayor’s office and ask if I could get a pattion so that their is only certain spots that you could smoke so that you don’t effect the other adults and kids around you. I could ask it see if we can make it a law that you have to recycle anything that you can. In eight years I could go the the local shelter and donate and do a lot of community service. I could also help out at the mayor’s office to see if he/she could make a law that you can’t cut down certain trees in New Holland.