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the Red Pyramid (by Rick Riordan) Reaction

I really enjoyed this book. I like how in-depth and creative all the characters are, while still fitting within Egyptian mythology. As usual, Riordan’s story mirrors a story from mythology, while putting a modern spin on it. The main characters are relatable, and while the story is tense, it is interspersed with humor that breaks up the darker moments. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who likes mythology, or has read and enjoyed other books by him. I would also recommend the book to anyone looking for an adventurous, fantasy-type story with lots of action and a cool system of magic.

Independent Book Quarter 4

I chose the Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan for my independent study book. I chose it because I want to learn more about Egyptian mythology, and because I have enjoyed every other book I’ve read by him.

‘The Jungle’ ABC’s

ABC’s Slideshow

Witch Hunts (Week 6)

This week, we discussed the Salem Witch hunts, and other witch hunts. The concept of a metaphorical witch hunt is the idea of identifying, then punishing and/or ostracizing, a group of people. Witch hunts are typically fueled by public fear of those being hunted. For instance, the Salem Witch Hunts hunted actual supposed witches, while the Red Scare searched for communists. Both were caused by the public being afraid of the individuals in question.

Conformity (Week 5 Post)

Human beings are hardwired to conform. This can be a good thing, but it can also cause problems for our society. For instance, in a fire, if most people act calmly and evacuate, everyone else is likely to do the same. However, if the same people panic and run around screaming, everyone else will probably also panic.

The Jungle

The book I chose is the Jungle.  We’ve done analysis of excerpts from this book in various history classes during the past few years, and it seemed very interesting.  I also had the book recommended to me by several people, so I figured it might be time to read it. I hope that, in reading this book, I learn more about the food industry in the past, and can see how this shaped the food industry of the present.

Native American Stories

I thought the variety in the different Native American stories was interesting.  Topics ranged from origin myths from the beginning of time to a basketball game in a modern setting.  I wondered if the modern stories were selected to achieve variety in the stories, or if older records from the tribe who told that story had been destroyed.  Either way, it was interesting to see how the stories varied from each other.

My American Dream

What is my Genius Hour Project?