Tiger Rising

At the end of the book Tiger Rising lots of things happened. The climax of the book was when Rob’s dad killed the tiger. Another big part of the book was when Rob and sistine let the tiger go. When rob’s dad killed the tiger Rob was really mad at his dad. But later him and his dad had a better relationship.

Field Trip

Our class and Mrs. Holes class went on a field trip together to Penn State Berks campus. There were tour guides that showed us everything in that campus.  first we had the tour then we ate pizza for lunch  and finally did the S.T.E.M project.  My favorite Part of the tour was seeing the gym because it was humongous! If I ever go to college I would like to go to Penn State. Then we did the S.T.E.M project where we had to make a roller coaster with 1 loop and 1 bump we came in last place but it was still fun.