The PSSA’s are coming!

The PSSA is, “a standardized test administrated to public schools in the state of Pennsylvania.” Now some people like the PSSA’s but then there’s people that don’t like the PSSA’s. I’m kinda in between that. When we have the PSSA’s are schedule is very different. So I like that, I mean I like having a different schedule but…

I don’t like the test. I like everything before and after the test but that four hours during the day just for testing is horrible. Once we finish the test we can’t do anything and I understand that, but really? Like come on! I think I feel this way because I don’t like test’s. You know I think that’s it!



3 thoughts on “PSSA’s…

  1. Star: I really like how you made your point very clear.
    Wish: I wish I had a wish.
    Wonder: I wonder, do you think you’ll do better on the math or reading PSSA’s?
    ~Trinity 🙂

    1. Thanks Trinity, I think I will do better at reading than math because I feel I excel more in reading than math.Do you think you’ll do better on the math or reading PSSA’s?


  2. I agree with you about the part where you can only sit and wait afterwards. My star is that you are in between. My Wish is, that you could have put your opinion about both sides. I wonder, do you like some of tthe questions on the test?

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