Boston, Massachusetts…

This past August I went to Boston, Massachusetts. I had so much fun there. When you go to Boston you can seriously do anything. I went whale watching, I went on a tour of the city, and I saw so many different awesome historical landmarks. Here is my journey in Boston, Massachusetts.

First, I went whale watching I had so much fun with this. First we went on a boat and then we went into the middle of the harbor and waited there for a little bit. Finally we could see the whales. The whales were so beautiful they were all different colors too. Blues, Blacks, and Whites. Every once in awhile you would get struck with water by there tails. The whole entire trip too and from the harbor took about three hour’s so if you are looking for an activity that is fun and takes some time then this is perfect for you!

Next, I went on a tour of the city. Boston is a beautiful city with so much pride and and just an amazing group of citizens. We went to the mall which was by far the most beautiful mall I have ever seen. At the mall there was so many stores I couldn’t decide which store to go to first. They had some regular stores that are pretty much everywhere but then they had so many cool trinket shops and just some amazing store’s that I think there should be more of in the world. If you are really looking to get some new stuff that you can’t find anywhere else Boston is the place to go. Also there are other cool things like Little Italy and Chinatown there too.   

Finally, Boston is known for all of the historical things that happened there. We went on this historical tour where the group leader walked us all through the city and told us about each landmark I learned some pretty cool stuff on this tour. If you love history almost as much as I do you definitely have to come to Boston it is just filled to the top with history! Now you don’t have to go on the tour but I liked it better, that way I was getting even more information about this awesome city.

I hope that you take my thoughts into deep deep consideration. I would definitely give Boston a five star rating because there is just so much there. I haven’t even talked about everything yet and I bet you still want to come and check Boston out. I had an amazing time with my family here and I know you will too. So are you coming to Boston?


-Gwen Varley                     

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  1. Hello Gwen, I loved how you pick Boston, Massachusetts. I always wanted to go there. I wish it was a little bit shorter because I didn’t have time to read it all, but it was still good. I wonder if that was your first time there.


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